What Is An Escort Service

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What Is An Escort Service
What Is An Escort Service
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Probably, many have heard such a concept as escort services, but not everyone knows what this means. Very often, hearing this, many sneer contemptuously, mistakenly implying prostitution, saunas and massage parlors. This concept is often wrong. An escort in translation from English means - escort.

What is an escort service
What is an escort service

So what are escort services?

Escort or VIP services have appeared not so long ago. They are intended for those who are usually called the cream of society - people who are successful and wealthy. Such people very often take part in various events, exhibitions, various forums. And then the question arises: "With whom can you go to such an event in order to maintain the status of a successful person?" Usually, it is not customary to come to such events in splendid isolation. Often, business people appear accompanied by a charming, interesting companion who can, on occasion, keep the conversation going.

We can say with confidence that escort services are a very powerful tool for successful negotiations. A beautiful and intelligent girl plays the role of a distraction, she can even soften the position of an intractable partner. It will help create the necessary psychological atmosphere, improve the status of the accompanied client, and thereby achieve the desired results during the transaction. In fact, escort services are not much different from other negotiating tools. This is where the reason for the popularity of escort agencies lies.

What should be a girl providing an escort service

As a rule, these are girls with higher education. A young lady should be charming, sociable, "savvy" in various matters. Often these are graduates of the faculties of foreign languages, journalism or psychology.

It often happens that escort companies compete with modeling agencies. The main credo of the VIP-services agency is communicative and intellectual dignity, and the modeling agency provides only a feminine image. Girls, before getting into such a VIP-agency, must be interviewed. A prerequisite is a model appearance and a well-groomed look. The presence of at least two foreign languages ​​is encouraged.

Many skeptics will not believe: “But what about the sequel? It cannot be that such agencies do not provide sex services? " Yes, indeed, many escort service companies are a well-disguised "nest of debauchery". To be honest, many of them provide such services, but, as a rule, by agreement and for a fee.

In our time, it is difficult to surprise someone with something. Sometimes it happens that such a simple ritual as lunch or going to the races, you want to spend with an intelligent, intelligent interlocutor. And many are willing to pay for it. In the world of business people, the bigger the business, the greater the alienation. Normal, human communication sometimes becomes a luxury. But what about intimacy? Intimacy is now enough without an escort.

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