Why The USSR Was Not Accepted Into NATO

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Why The USSR Was Not Accepted Into NATO
Why The USSR Was Not Accepted Into NATO

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The long-term rivalry between the West and the East had a chance to end in 1954, it was then that the socialist camp made an attempt to get closer to the capitalist one. On March 31, 1954, the USSR, the BSSR and the Ukrainian SSR submitted a request to join NATO, this initiative has its own background.

Political poster of the 70-80s
Political poster of the 70-80s

Creation of NATO

The creation of the NATO bloc was perceived by the Soviets with a negative attitude, as evidenced by the appeal of the Foreign Ministry to the government of England, with which the USSR signed an alliance agreement. It notes that the USSR considers Britain's entry into NATO as an act that contradicts the previously signed 1942 treaty.

Despite the attitude to the creation of NATO as a threat to national security, the allied ties of the USSR with the United States and Britain had a chance of prolongation after the end of the war, but this was prevented by Stalin's desire to impose a new war to establish communism in the West. According to historians, a new moment to change relations for the better appeared only after the death of the "leader" and Dwight Eisenhower came to power in the United States.

It was he who voiced the principles that formed the international security system in the key of creating lasting peaceful relations on April 16, 1953. Eisenhower also betrayed the great importance of the threat of nuclear war that arose at that time and invited the Soviet authorities to change the course of history, ending his speech with the words: "We are ready for this, are you ready?"

To give a positive answer, the Soviet leadership also had to discuss the problem of ensuring collective security in Europe at a meeting of foreign ministers in Berlin in early 1954. Here the representatives of the USA, Great Britain and France assured the audience that NATO is a defensive organization and sees the USSR as a future partner. After that, Khrushchev ordered to send a proposal to NATO to join. Minsk and Kiev act with the same intention as co-founders of the UN. The document said that the creation of warring military blocs became the reason for the outbreak of world wars, and it was proposed to change the policy of creating opposing military groups to a policy of effective interaction of all European countries, maintaining and promoting the cause of peace.

Refusal of the USSR to join NATO

On May 7, 1954, the United States, France and England refused to admit the Soviet Union, Belarus and Ukraine to NATO members. Among the reasons it was pointed out that "the unreal nature of the proposal is not worthy of discussion."

On May 14, 1955, the USSR, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania sign the Warsaw Pact, which creates a single military command, the headquarters is located in Moscow, and Soviet troops receive the right to deploy on the territory of the participating countries. The confrontation between the two systems, formed as a result of the action of two military blocs, led to incidents in many countries: Vietnam, Afghanistan and others.

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