How To Write Prescriptions In Latin

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How To Write Prescriptions In Latin
How To Write Prescriptions In Latin

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Since the Middle Ages, Latin has been used as the official language of medicine. And now, most of the prescriptions are written in Latin so that any doctor can unambiguously understand their content.

How to write prescriptions in Latin
How to write prescriptions in Latin

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Russian-Latin Medical Dictionary


Step 1

Choose the correct prescription form. It depends on the type of medication you are prescribing. A complete list of forms and their uses can be found in federal statutes and orders. A complete list of types of forms is contained in the order of the Ministry of Health on the rules for writing prescriptions for medicines -

Step 2

If the drug needs to be given to the patient urgently, write cito or statim at the top of the selected form. The pharmacist in the pharmacy will be able to decipher this correctly.

Step 3

Write down in Russian letters the surname, name and patronymic of the patient, his age, as well as the name of the doctor.

Step 4

In the next paragraph, write the name of the drug you want to prescribe. Indicate its international non-proprietary name according to the special classification. Start the phrase with the word Recipe (take), and then put the name of the medicine in the accusative case (Accusativus) according to the rules of the Latin language. If necessary, specify the dosage form of the active substance, for example, tablets in Latin should be written as tabulettae, and suppositories as suppositoria.

Step 5

Next, complete the section with instructions for the pharmacist. In it, you need to write down, again in Latin, in what form the medicine should be dispensed, its dose, and, if necessary, the type of packaging.

Step 6

Start the last section with the word Signa. It should write in Russian information about taking the medicine for the patient. It is necessary to clarify the frequency and duration of admission, the dose, the way of using the medicine - orally after meals, in the form of an injection, or another option.

Step 7

At the bottom of the prescription, the doctor's signature should be affixed, as well as the necessary seals - the personal physician and medical institution.

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