How To Tie A St. George Ribbon

How To Tie A St. George Ribbon
How To Tie A St. George Ribbon

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The Ribbon of St. George appeared under Catherine II along with the Order of St. George, the highest military award of the Russian Empire. Later, a similar tape was used to tighten the pads (fasteners) of the Order "For the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." Since 2006, a public action has started and has become a traditional public action for the distribution of St. George's ribbons to the population on the eve and during the celebration of Victory Day, so that the descendants do not forget at what cost this victory came. There are no special rules for using the tape, but certain nuances must be taken into account.

How to tie a St. George ribbon
How to tie a St. George ribbon

Some people mistakenly believe that the St.George ribbon is some kind of decoration that can be attached anywhere: hair, dog collar, shoe laces, belt, etc. Do not forget that for war veterans, a ribbon is a symbol of reward, memory, and such handling of the ribbon is unacceptable.

Since it is customary to keep the memory of the event in hearts, the St.George ribbon is traditionally attached to clothing in the region of the heart or tied on the left hand. It is allowed to attach the ribbon to the antenna or side mirror of the car, but the appearance of the transport must be in perfect condition.

There are several ways to tie the St. George's ribbon so as not to offend the veterans and not cause condemnation of others. It all depends on the length of the tape and the owner's imagination. The following options are considered the most common:

Option 1. Loop. Hold the tape vertically with both hands and fold it from top to bottom in half. Visually measure a couple of centimeters from the top and hold this point with your left hand. With your right hand, grasp one end of the tape from the bottom and move it to the side. Secure the loop to the garment with a stud pin.

Option 2. Bow. Lay the tape horizontally in front of you. Divide visually into three equal parts. Take the tape where it separates with the thumbs and forefingers of both hands (index finger under the tape, thumb on top). Dividing the middle in half, make loops to the left and right. Wrap the left loop with the right loop so that it looks like the letter "X". Secure at the intersection and straighten the ends.

Option 3. Inverted check mark. Place the tape vertically. Press the middle with your index finger. With your other hand, grasp the top end of the tape and pull downward away from the other end so that you get the letter “L”.

Option 4. Nine or the letter "M". Since the Victory Day is timed to May 9, St. George ribbons in the form of the letter "M" or nine will be very useful. However, one pin will not be enough to attach them.

Option 5. Flower. For a voluminous flower, you need two ribbons. Fold the ribbon in an accordion way so that the loops are the same size. Secure at the bottom with a needle or paper clip. Spread each loop and turn it slightly to the side, add volume. Follow the same steps, pin both sides of the flower with a pin in the middle.

The flower can be done in another way. Make a loop at one end of the tape. Hold with your fingers. Step back a few centimeters and make a second loop with your other hand, pulling it slightly to the side. Continue making loops in a circle until you have a flower. Secure. To wear a flower for a holiday every year, you can glue it to a brooch base (sold in fabric and sewing supplies stores).

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