How To Find Out The Size Of The Headgear

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How To Find Out The Size Of The Headgear
How To Find Out The Size Of The Headgear

Knowing the size of the headgear, you can buy a thing without trying it on - for example, when shopping in online stores, or purchasing gifts for family and friends. Prepare a centimeter tape, make yourself comfortable in front of a mirror, and place a pen and paper in front of you.

How to find out the size of the headgear
How to find out the size of the headgear


Step 1

Measure the volume of the head - wrap a soft tape measure around the head, leading it along the forehead, temples and the back of the head. Your measurements will be accurate if the tape runs over the frontal tubercles (a couple of centimeters above the brow line), over the ears, or wraps around the back of the head near the base of the neck. Do not pull the measuring tape too tight, but also do not allow it to sag. The resulting figure will correspond to the size of the head.

Step 2

If you do not have a measuring tape, then use any soft tape - you can transfer the indicators from it to a regular ruler and calculate the size. When measuring the head, try to calculate the maximum head circumference, you may need to take several measurements by changing the position of the tape.

Step 3

Compare the figures obtained with the dimensional charts of various brands. Domestic sizes accurately reflect the volume of the head in centimeters, but foreign manufacturers of hats adhere to their dimensional charts. American sizes, as well as international standard sizes, are designated in Latin letters and correspond to a specific head volume in centimeters.

Step 4

The largest size is XL, it corresponds to a volume of 59-60 cm. The smallest is S, is 53-54 cm. Between them are the most standard sizes - L (57-58 cm) and M (55-56 cm). In European countries, you can find an indication of the volume of the head in inches - then you just need to convert inches to centimeters, multiplying the value by 2.54.

Step 5

If you doubt the accuracy of the calculated indicator and cannot choose the size when buying a headdress, then take a hat one size larger. So you protect yourself or another person from discomfort when wearing a tight hat - when squeezing your head, very unpleasant sensations arise.

Step 6

When calculating the size, take into account the model of the headgear that you are going to buy. If it is a knitted or knitted hat, then pull the tailor's tape tightly - the material will stretch a little when worn. When purchasing a hat, choose the size more carefully, it will be better if the ribbon does not fit tightly on the head, but is located a little more freely.

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