How To Refuel A Singer Sewing Machine

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How To Refuel A Singer Sewing Machine
How To Refuel A Singer Sewing Machine

Video: How To Refuel A Singer Sewing Machine

Video: How To Refuel A Singer Sewing Machine
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Almost all modern sewing machines, including the Singer brand, are two-thread. The process of threading the machine may seem like a rather complicated operation for a novice seamstress.

How to refuel a Singer sewing machine
How to refuel a Singer sewing machine

It is necessary

  • - Singer sewing machines;
  • - bobbin threads.


Step 1

Purchase or select threads of the required thickness from the available stocks. Different threads are required for sewing fabrics of different thicknesses and textures. For example, threads # 10 or # 20 are used to sew items from drape and denim. You can find out which sewing thread number corresponds to a particular fabric from the sewing tutorials or simply ask the seller at the fabric store.

Step 2

Rewind the thread from the spool to the bobbin. To do this, wrap the thread around the bobbin a couple of times, fix the bobbin on the special lever near the wheel and press the electric drive pedal. In old machines "Singer" when winding the bobbin, a manual or foot drive is used. Refueling Singer machines is broadly the same as for other brands.

Step 3

Thread the upper thread first. Pull it towards the thread guide, then pass it between the regular tension washers. Next, place the thread by the hook on the adjuster washer and guide it into the hole in the thread take-up. Hook the thread above the needle and pass it through the eye of the needle. Leave a free end about 15-20 cm long.

Step 4

Thread the bobbin thread. Open the plate in the sewing platform and pull out the bobbin cap by the latch. Insert the bobbin into the cap so that the direction of the thread coming out of the bobbin matches the direction of the notch in the cap. Pull the thread through the slot on the cap and pull out the end 10-15 cm long. Insert the bobbin case into the slot. The cap should snap into place and snap into place with a characteristic slight click. Close the plate tightly.

Step 5

Pull out the bobbin thread. While holding the end of the upper thread, turn the wheel and lower the needle. When lifted, the needle will pull the thread out of the bobbin case. Pass both threads by the foot. The machine is now fueled and ready to go.

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