What Is Good For A Cactus

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What Is Good For A Cactus
What Is Good For A Cactus

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Cacti benefit from those factors that are inherent in the natural habitat of these plants. In open steppes and deserts, as a rule, there is a lot of light and heat, aridity. Good air circulation is ensured.

The effort put into caring for a cactus will be rewarded with flowering
The effort put into caring for a cactus will be rewarded with flowering

Soil, pot, fertilizer

Cacti need to be applied together with calcium and phosphorus fertilizer. For inexperienced gardeners, it is best to use fertilizers that contain all the necessary inorganic substances in the correct concentration. These feeds are sold in specialized stores. Unlike other plants, cacti don't like organic fertilizers. Therefore, you should keep them a little apart from other house flowers.

Subject to all the rules of care, the cactus will begin to bloom beautifully. You need to choose a pot that would fit the size and shape of the roots. The soil for a flower must be loose. Earthen mixtures are usually used.

For good growth, cactus requires favorable soil acidity. This indicator plays an important role in the life of a flower. Therefore, it is necessary from time to time to check the acidity of the soil, as well as the external condition of the cactus and the earth. The optimum pH level for a plant is not more than 7, 0.

Conditions for a cactus

Cacti love the abundance of light. Window sills will be a good place in the apartment for the plant. It is also worth taking care that the cactus, especially at noon, is not in direct sunlight. Whatever cactus it is, even from the deserts, even from the jungle. It is better for him to make a small shadow.

Reduce watering in winter and cool weather. In summer or in dry weather, water the cactus when the ground is completely dry. Winter time for cacti is similar to night for humans. Cacti stop growing, they do not need to be watered. For a plant, this is a period of rest. However, epiphytes and South American cacti do not require reduced watering in winter.

It will be useful for the cactus to establish the optimal temperature regime. If the flower grows in a greenhouse or greenhouse, then it is worth lowering the temperature in winter to 18-10 ° C, depending on what kind of species it is. In summer, the temperature must be raised to 40 ° C, although some cacti will be more useful than 30 ° C. When choosing the optimal temperature, it is worth considering the natural habitat of the cactus. If it is a desert, then the amount of heat, respectively, should be greater, if it is a forest or steppe, then less.

For cacti growing in apartments and houses, you can set the desired temperature by taking the plants to the balcony in summer. In winter, clean back to a warm apartment, but provide enough heat. You also need to monitor the ventilation of the room.

A well-ventilated area is beneficial for cacti. These plants are native to open areas where the air circulates well. If the air stagnates, it will lead to the appearance of diseases in the flower.

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