How To Grow Larch

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How To Grow Larch
How To Grow Larch

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Larch is the only deciduous, but at the same time, coniferous tree in the nature of the middle zone of our country. A fabulous larch planted in the country will create a romantic setting in the garden. These trees are the most unpretentious of the coniferous northern latitudes; they grow well even on city streets. The main thing that larch trees do not like is stagnation of water in the ground.

How to grow larch
How to grow larch

It is necessary

  • - cones;
  • - boxes;
  • - a mixture of leafy earth, peat and sand;
  • - kraft paper;
  • - fertilizers and mushrooms;
  • - insecticidal preparations based on mineral oils.


Step 1

Larch trees are propagated by seeds. At the end of autumn, you need to collect fresh buds and put them in a dry, dark place. There the buds will open, freeing the seeds. It is best to sow them before winter in light soil. You should take large boxes, because the trees will have to spend a couple of years in them.

Step 2

In the spring, the boxes should be exposed to the sun and watered regularly. At the age of one to two years, larch can be transferred to a permanent place. The optimal planting period is autumn after leaf fall or spring before the first leaves appear. The distance between trees should be between two and four meters. Planting depth - 70-80 cm.

Step 3

It is better to plant larch in a sunny place. The tree is not demanding on the ground (the only thing is that it grows slowly on sandy soil). Gardeners recommend planting larch trees in a mixture of leafy soil, peat and sand (3: 2: 1).

Step 4

The land under the young trees should be loosened. In the first two years after planting in winter and early spring, young larch trees should be covered with kraft paper.

Step 5

In early spring, fertilizer is required to the soil. In summer, it is important to remove weeds thoroughly. In hot weather, larch should be watered 1-2 times a week, using 15–20 liters of water for each tree. Water is especially useful after the forest mushrooms washed in it. You can also bury wormy mushrooms near the larches.

Step 6

It is worth closely monitoring the appearance of pests such as larch miner moth. When affected by a moth, the needles brighten and become flabby. In this case, it is necessary to cut off diseased branches and treat the trees with a solution of any insecticidal preparation made on the basis of mineral oils. The coniferous bug is also dangerous.

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