Where To Take Unnecessary Things

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Where To Take Unnecessary Things
Where To Take Unnecessary Things

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When sorting through things in the closet, a fair amount of those that have a very good appearance sometimes accumulate, are well preserved, but they are no longer needed by their owners. You should not accumulate junk and old things in the house. Hand them over to where they are needed and still serve new owners.

Where to take unnecessary things
Where to take unnecessary things


Step 1

First, sort out unnecessary things that go to the scrap and those that are in good condition. Waste clothes (as well as waste paper, household items) can be handed over to city recycling points for secondary raw materials. You can find out the addresses of such points via the Internet. Scrap includes things that are outdated, worn out, of no value to you. If you do not want to look for such an item, just take your things to the nearest waste bin.

Step 2

Go through the second selected part of the things that you no longer need. Wash dirty clothes, sew buttons to it, if there are not enough of them, sew up cuts, holes, tidy up as much as possible. Such things can be given to people in need, for example, through churches, libraries, charity centers, collection points for the needy, social services, and so on.

Step 3

Place an ad on the Internet on specialized sites or publish such an ad in a local newspaper under the headings "give", "gifts" that you are ready to give a lot of unnecessary things as a gift to other people.

Step 4

Depending on the type of clothing that you do not need, offer to pick it up for free from monasteries, orphanages, orphanages, orphanages and nursing homes.

Step 5

Good quality, expensive, if used, but still great looking, try to sell through message boards on the Internet, thrift stores in your city or sellers at city flea markets. You should drive up to such markets with things on sale days and offer to buy clothes from you at a reasonable price.

Step 6

Offer a large number of good but unnecessary things to owners, administrators or second-hand store sellers. Don't be discouraged if they don't buy things from you in one of them. Contact another. If you find a buyer for your product, take his coordinates. They will be useful to you when you again accumulate unnecessary things in large quantities.


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