Where To Complain To Parents

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Where To Complain To Parents
Where To Complain To Parents

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A frequently ill child, son or daughter, constantly coming from school with tears or bruises, missing things, regular demands of the class teacher to pay a certain amount - these and dozens of other reasons can be the reason for parents' complaints to the appropriate authorities. However, in order to resolve the conflict, and not aggravate it, you should complain competently.

Where to complain to parents
Where to complain to parents


Step 1

First of all, remember which of your friends graduated from the pedagogical institute and works at school. Preferably not in the one where your child is studying. Call a friend or acquaintance and explain the situation. Usually teachers have a slightly different view of the problem than parents. In addition, the opinion of a completely outsider who is well acquainted with the school system will allow you to calculate the options for the future course of events and prepare for them.

Step 2

In the school itself, the class teacher should be consulted. But only not with shouts and threats, but with the proposal of a constructive conversation. In most cases, an educator will help you figure out what's going on.

Step 3

If the conflict concerns another teacher or the class teacher himself, then you should complain to the head teacher in charge of the direction you need. Primary school teachers are supervised by one head teacher, the rest of the teachers - by another. It is the responsibility of the Head of Education to respond to your complaint and take appropriate action.

Step 4

In cases where the actions of the head teacher do not lead to the elimination of the conflict, you can contact the headmaster. Contact the office and find out the director's office hours. Usually the director is able to give a comprehensive answer to all your questions. With him, you can work out a plan for further action. If the conflict was related to your child's behavior, do not refuse the help of a psychologist. When the teacher was wrong, ask for action. The director has the right to reprimand any employee of the school, to deprive him of the bonus, in some cases even to dismiss.

Step 5

If the actions of the school director did not have an effect, you can go to the officials for help. Contact the city (if you live in a city) or regional (if in a village or village) education department or the education department of your locality or region. It is better to send a complaint in writing, detailing the essence of the case, arguing the opinions of the parties, describing the actions taken by the director, head teacher, teachers. Also, be sure to write your requirements.

Step 6

This complaint is an official document, and therefore it should not contain emotions, only facts. Attach evidence to the letter. They can be a video or dictaphone recording rewritten to disk, copies of documents (for example, pages of a child's diary, intraschool orders, and the like). Send a letter by mail. Do not forget to format it as a notification letter and a list of attachments. Your complaint must be reviewed within 30 days of receipt.

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