How To Write Russian Names In English

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How To Write Russian Names In English
How To Write Russian Names In English

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To write a Russian name in English, it is customary to use such a translation method as transliteration. Transliteration means replacing letters from one alphabet with letters or combinations of letters from another alphabet.

How to write Russian names in English
How to write Russian names in English

It is necessary

sheet of paper, pen, computer with Internet access


Step 1

Select a transliteration system:

- When drafting official documents, as well as when exchanging information on computer-readable media, use the officially established transliteration system. It is regulated by the Russian state standard GOST R 52535.1 - 2006 (Appendix A). Note that hard and soft characters are omitted in this transliteration system.

- If you translate a name for informal communication, for example, on the Internet, you are free to choose the transliteration system that suits you best. In addition to the system approved by the Russian state standard, there are also several other systems: the Libraries of the US Congress, the Board of Geographic Names, ISO 9 - 1995, etc.

Step 2

Having chosen the transliteration system, write down the last name, first name, patronymic in Russian on the sheet. Make the inscription so that there is space under it to write the same data in Latin. When performing transliteration, place each Latin letter or combination of letters directly under the corresponding Russian letter. Replace all letters in sequence. The result will be a Russian name written in Latin letters.

Step 3

If you are a supporter of automation that simplifies life, translate the name from Cyrillic to Latin using free services provided by some sites on the Internet:,,

When performing automatic transliteration, pay attention to which system it is performed. To make a translation, follow the instructions published on each of these sites.

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