How To Install A Candy Bar

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How To Install A Candy Bar
How To Install A Candy Bar

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Refrigeration monoblock low-temperature machine POLAIR is used to create cold, as well as maintain the temperature in the refrigerating chamber. When installing it, you must follow certain rules.

How to install a candy bar
How to install a candy bar


Step 1

The POLAIR monoblock consists of a compressor with protective equipment, a condenser, a condensate evaporation coil, an evaporator, a filter drier, a liquid separator, a control panel and a pressure switch. The air temperature is controlled by an electronic temperature controller.

Step 2

To install the monoblock, use a camera whose panels are no more than 10 cm thick. The floor must be perfectly leveled on a horizontal surface. The monoblock works at air temperatures from 10 to 45 degrees Celsius, relative humidity - 80-45%. The temperature that the monoblock creates can be from minus 15 to minus 30 degrees. The machine has an automatic system for defrosting the snow coat using electric heating elements.

Step 3

Install the chiller on a cabinet in a dry room, at least 10 cm from the wall and 60 cm from the ceiling of the room. Leave the width for the passage to the machine at least 70 cm.

Step 4

Do not allow heaters to be installed near the machine. They should be no closer than one and a half meters from it.

Step 5

Before installing the refrigeration monoblock, cut an opening in the wall panel. Do not install the machine on a wall that is opposite the door.

Step 6

Then glue the polyurethane sealant around the entire perimeter of the swab. Free the tape from the protective tape beforehand.

Step 7

Apply sealant around the perimeters of the tampon and the finished opening. Install the monoblock into the cut and prepared opening. Install the ceiling panel of the camera and fix it.

Step 8

After that, fix the brackets for the refrigerating chamber with two screws: the upper one - on the ceiling panel, the lower screw - on the wall of the chamber panel. Screw in the water drain tube carefully.

Step 9

Connect the PEN wires for the compensating valve, as well as for heating the door to the contacts of the monoblock.

Step 10

Install a luminaire for lighting inside the refrigerated space.

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