When Will The Flying Cars Appear?

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When Will The Flying Cars Appear?
When Will The Flying Cars Appear?
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A flying car is a vehicle that combines the qualities of a car and an aircraft. Moreover, for different inventors, the ratio of a car to an airplane is different - from a flying car to a flying airplane. Currently, several dozen experienced flying cars have been developed.

Flying car prototype
Flying car prototype

The first experiments on combining a car and an airplane were undertaken even before World War II in Europe and the United States. Despite the imperfection of the technology of that time, quite good workable specimens turned out.

Contemporary designs

Not only self-taught inventors are engaged in the development of modern models of flying cars, but also entire enterprises in the United States. The development of industrial designs began back in the 90s. At the same time, the main requirements for the flying car of the future were formulated: adaptability to movement on public roads, adaptability to storage in standard garages and boxes, ease of operation. The cost and fuel consumption of a flying car should be no more than that of a conventional car with the same passenger capacity.

One of the first samples ready for industrial production was developed by the famous American company Lockheed Martin and has excellent characteristics for both conventional and flying machines. With a total length of 5.5 meters, a width of 2 meters, the car can accommodate 4 people. The speed on the highway is 150 km / h, in flight - up to 600 km / h. Fuel consumption does not exceed 12.5 liters of super gasoline (AI-95) per 100 km. The power reserve at one gas station is 400 km.

The main question facing the developers is the cost of a flying car. Martin Lockheed was custom-made at a price of 500 thousand US dollars. Subject to mass conveyor production, the developers assured that the price could be reduced to 100 thousand dollars.

The car did not go into mass production. It is produced up to the present in single copies and is sold at a price of about 300 thousand dollars.

Why flying cars aren't produced

One of the reasons preventing the start of mass production of flying machines is technological. The most modern models of flying machines still fall short of modern environmental and safety requirements imposed by legislation on road vehicles.

The second reason is economic. The cost of a flying car, equal to half a million dollars, is comparable to the cost of a top-class car or supercar. The production of such cars in itself is unprofitable; marketers do not predict a wide demand for flying cars in the near future. Therefore, there are no people willing to invest in mass production of such machines.

The most important reason is legal. From the point of view of legislation, a flying car is equated to a private jet or helicopter with all its inherent features. First, the increased tax burden. Secondly, the inability to take off from public roads and land on them. Thirdly, the need to obtain a pilot's license: its cost is $ 5,000-10,000, and the training period is from 6 to 12 months.

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