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What Is Labor
What Is Labor

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Labor is a special activity of all people, which is aimed at meeting the basic needs of society. It can be carried out both with the help of special tools and through the intellect.

What is labor
What is labor


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It is customary to understand labor as all actions that are organized by enterprises and countries for the employment of most of the population. In this case, most people become controlled by the elite of the community, which includes the owners of corporations and banks.

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If we consider a person as a person (not part of a general system), then for him work is all that he has done in his life up to the present moment. Again, here we can again distinguish between intellectual and industrial achievement. Only a few individuals succeed in both aspects. In the process of labor activity, a person seeks to develop and realize his mental and physical potential. Labor is designed to unite mankind with nature, although it often turns out that the latter changes for the sake of progress and man.

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For economic theory, labor is the most important factor of production. Historical materialism interprets this concept as a kind of substance of history, the main activity and way of human life. During the entire existence of civilization, people have learned to create tools for transforming objects of labor into a finished product that is needed for the development of the entire society. Over time, hard work has been replaced by the automation of many processes, but this concept has not lost its significance and power.

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The form of collective labor led to the emergence of production relations. Labor is a social concept and phenomenon. Therefore, it is advisable to raise the issue of organizing this activity. The language and speech of people have just become such a means of control. All this helped and still helps to carry out this type of relationship. Each person, regardless of his desires, has to understand the essence of this process and get involved in his work to create benefits for himself and all living people.

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