What Is The Difference Between Lumpen And Marginal

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What Is The Difference Between Lumpen And Marginal
What Is The Difference Between Lumpen And Marginal

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Lumpen and marginals are similar concepts, but in no case can they be equated with each other. There is only one thing that unites these two terms: they are both used to denote people belonging to the lower stratum of society, who do not find a worthy place in society.

What is the difference between lumpen and marginal
What is the difference between lumpen and marginal

Who are the lumpen and the marginal

The word "marginal" came to the Russian language from German, there - from French, and in French, in turn, from Latin. From the Latin language, this word can be translated as "on the edge." Outcasts are outcasts who find themselves outside their social group or at the junction of two different groups. If we are talking about one person, most likely, he was expelled from one group and not accepted into another. A striking example is people who were forced to flee their country and who turned out to be apostates in the eyes of its citizens, but at the same time were unable to accept the traditions of the other state where they moved.

Such a socially borderline state is perceived very hard. If we are talking about a group of people, most likely, the essence is in serious social, political, economic changes in society, which led to the collapse of the familiar society. Something like this often happens as a result of revolutions.

The word "lumpen" is borrowed again from German, and in translation it means "rags". Lumpen are called people who find themselves in the lowest social strata and at the same time are not engaged in any socially useful work. This means that you cannot call a poor person who, by the sweat of his brow, tries to earn money, but achieves very modest results. Not at all - we are talking about criminals, vagabonds, beggars, those who trade in piracy and robbery.

Very often, non-working alcoholics and drug addicts are also considered lumpen, people who are supported by someone, although they may well work and earn money. Representatives of the lower social stratum who live at the expense of state benefits are also called.

What is the Difference Between Lumpen and Marginal

As a rule, lumpen have almost no property: they either wander or live in other people's houses, and have only the most necessary things for life. Marginal people, on the contrary, can even be wealthy people who are not recognized by society, since for some reason they have lost their previous position.

Lumpen either use short, one-time earnings, or earn money illegally, or live at the expense of loved ones or the state. Marginalized people can engage in socially useful work.

The additional meaning of the term "lumpen" is a person who does not have his own moral foundations, does not obey the laws of morality, and recklessly or cowardly obeys the group of people that has the greatest power at a particular historical moment. The marginalized in such cases become victims rather than a mindlessly acting force.

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