Why Do Planes Fall

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Why Do Planes Fall
Why Do Planes Fall

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Lately, as blasphemous as it sounds, plane crashes have become a common heading in the news. Such tragedies are especially common in Russia. It is impossible to associate this only with the fact that information about plane crashes has ceased to be secret, as in the USSR. Objective assessments of experts show that the number of aircraft crashes in only 8 months of 2011 increased in comparison with 2010 by 2, 2 times.

Why do planes fall
Why do planes fall


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The main reason that leads to tragedies in the sky is the human factor. Analysis shows that pilots and controllers make mistakes by relying entirely on automated systems to handle flights. Such confidence in the automatic operation of devices leads to the fact that additional checks and refinements are simply not carried out. As a result, due to technical failures, tragedies occur that could have been prevented with the exact implementation of measures to control their work.

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Factors associated with human involvement include poor training and poor flight discipline. Unfortunately, even experienced pilots sometimes lose their self-control, and the medical examination before the flight is not always carried out properly. There are times when the crew is allowed to fly the aircraft without the necessary practice. A few hours on simulators is not a substitute for training in the sky - this is often forgotten by airline executives, trying to save money on pilot training.

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Human reasons include inadequate or inadequate guidance and regulatory material from the authorities responsible for air transport safety. This problem is superimposed on the fact that the flight crew does not fulfill the requirements prescribed by these documents. Pilots violate flight instructions and regulations, where any trifle in the event of an emergency situation can become fatal. Air carriers, in addition, are more concerned with saving money on maintenance and operation of aircraft than with flight safety.

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It is no secret that air carriers replenish their aircraft fleet by purchasing aircraft from the West that have long been operated on local airlines. No reliable equipment in itself simply cannot withstand such a service life. The deterioration of the aircraft fleet is also the cause of failures and malfunctions of mechanisms. Added to this is poor maintenance. A few years ago, a scandal erupted when it turned out that uncertified parts, manufactured in an unknown place, but incomparably cheap, were supplied for the replacement and repair of aircraft.

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