What Is The Weather In Winter In Crimea

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What Is The Weather In Winter In Crimea
What Is The Weather In Winter In Crimea

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Rest in Crimea is wonderful not only in summer, but also in winter due to the mild warm climate. For most of the inhabitants of Russia, winter is frost and snow, warm fur coats and winter boots, and for Crimeans - fogs and + 15 ° C, mushrooms and berries in the forest. Such a change in climate is optimal for rest, including with children, you can forget about frost for a while and at the same time not shock the body.

What is the weather in winter in Crimea
What is the weather in winter in Crimea


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The weather on the Crimean peninsula in winter is changeable. The sky had just been covered with clouds and it was pouring rain - in half an hour the sky was already blue and the sun was shining with might and main. Sometimes frosts occur at night, the temperature drops below zero. In general, for coastal areas, snow is considered a rarity; the climate here is mild and warm.

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In mountainous areas, snow lies throughout the winter and begins to melt only at the end of March. Such entertainments as skiing, snowboarding, snow-scooters are not uncommon here. The climate is considered Mediterranean - cold and humid, the temperature jumps from -10 to + 10 ° C. Such drops, in combination with a thick snow cover of 1-1.5 meters, create an avalanche-hazardous situation.

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The mildest winter is on the southern coast of Crimea, with a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Winter is most often rainy, with sleet on cool days.

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In December, the average daily temperature in Crimea is not lower than + 5оС. The hunting and fishing season is closed, but quiet mushroom hunting and gathering of juniper berries remain popular among the locals. It often rains, and fog descends in the lowlands and on the coast. This is a convenient time for sightseeing, as there are few tourists, prices are getting lower, and cultural monuments and works of art continue to delight.

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On New Year's holidays, the picture changes - there are almost more tourists than in summer. Streets come alive, restaurants and sanatoriums fill with a cheerful crowd, and seasonal sales are held. In January, the weather is more stable and sunny; in the resorts of the South Coast, the temperature sometimes rises above + 15 ° C. Christmas and Epiphany are celebrated on an equal scale, the water in the sea is cool, but not icy, so there are many who want to plunge.

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February brings with it a piercing cold wind, storms, frequent fogs. The water near the coast often freezes, sometimes it snows for several days. The temperature stays around 0-5 ° C, frosts occur at night. This is truly winter weather, for lovers of harsh beauty, originality of palm trees and sun loungers under the snow, as well as minimal prices.

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Even in winter, most of the Crimean peninsula retains green vegetation, flowers bloom, and many birds can be found in parks and forests. Combined with high-quality infrastructure and lack of summer bustle, mild subtropical winters leave many opportunities for a good rest.

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