When And How To Make Wishes

When And How To Make Wishes
When And How To Make Wishes
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In order for desires to be fulfilled, in addition to the efforts made, people come up with rituals for themselves. On New Years, Christmastide and ordinary days, dreamers perform simple sequences of actions in the hope that this will attract good luck.

When and how to make wishes
When and how to make wishes

In order for a wish to come true, you should make it right. In phrasing, never use the "not" particle. Don't say, "I don't want to be fat," tell yourself, "I want to be slim and attractive."

When you say desire, consider all the little things. Destiny is a lady who has a great sense of humor and will not miss the opportunity to make fun of you. Don't say “I want to go on a cruise” or “I want to drive a brand new BMW next year”, because you can get to the desired places as a cleaner or a hired driver. When formulating a desire, consider everything, including the sensations that a dream come true, the smell of a new seat in the car and the taste of the salty spray of waves.

Having made a wish, you must firmly believe that it will come true. For reliability, you can independently come up with a ritual: for example, carry a coin in your pocket until your dream comes true, or not leave the house without a chain that brings you happiness.

Visualize your desire often. For example, imagine in all colors that you have already lost weight. You catch admiring glances of men on the streets, try on tight trousers, and they are in time for you. You can dream up how your love life will improve after you lose weight.

Make a plan for fulfilling your desire - this way it will be easier for fate to help you. Indicate what steps you will take to make it happen and how long it will take you.

To figure out the perfect way to make a wish, focus on your zodiac sign and its element. If you are Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, then the element of fire corresponds to you. Light a candle at dusk and write your dream on a piece of paper. Periodically re-read what is written by the light of the same candle. After the plan has come true, the note should be burned.

For Pisces, Cancers and Scorpions, water is the main assistant. You can make a wish on the banks of a river or lake, looking out into the water. Or write your wish on a piece of paper, make a boat and let it float.

Food and money will help Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. When making a wish, eat a few grapes or gummies. Until the desire is fulfilled, one should not lend.

For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, clouds will become helpers. While in a fun company, lift your head up and make a wish. After that, it will certainly come true.

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