How To Hem A Military Uniform

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How To Hem A Military Uniform
How To Hem A Military Uniform

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On a military uniform, you need to change the collar daily. This is a hemming element that should be on the back of the collar. It is he who will allow the collar of a military jacket to stay clean and last longer. By the way, the collar will not interfere with items of civilian clothing.

How to hem a military uniform
How to hem a military uniform


Step 1

Take a piece of white cloth and adjust to fit your collar. Simply lay the fabric over the collar and fold over the excess around the edges of the fabric.

Step 2

Now fold the fabric a few times to create a neat white strip the same width as the collar. Take care not to stick out the tousled edges. Here is the collar and ready. Run over it two or three times with a hot iron.

Step 3

You don't have to cook the collars yourself, but buy them in a workwear store. In any case, it should be a dense white fabric folded in half.

Step 4

Iron the collar of your tunic well. Lay the collar so that it protrudes outward by the size of the match head.

Step 5

Begin sewing at the top left corner. Hide the thread knot inside the seam.

Step 6

The thread and stitches must also be hidden under the collar. To do this, the needle on the front side goes right in where it left from. Make stitches 2, 5-3cm. Do not tighten too much, otherwise the collar will go bumps. Remember that you are piercing the collar twice with each stitch. Do not hurry.

Step 7

After each stitch, grasp the edges of the collar and pull. This will remove the waves. So sew 12 stitches at the top and 6 stitches at the bottom. Also 2 stitches around the edges.

Step 8

When sewing around the edges, pierce the collar only once. The collars can be washed and reused.

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