How To Draw Up An Equipment Maintenance Schedule

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How To Draw Up An Equipment Maintenance Schedule
How To Draw Up An Equipment Maintenance Schedule

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In any organization, proper planning is the key to successful work. It is necessary even in such an area as the repair of equipment. For example, each facility should have its own scheduled preventive maintenance schedule. How can such a document be drawn up?

How to draw up an equipment maintenance schedule
How to draw up an equipment maintenance schedule

It is necessary

Collection of normative acts on equipment repair


Step 1

Start making a schedule. Draw a twenty-four-column spreadsheet by hand or in Excel. The number of lines depends on how many pieces of equipment you need to enter into your spreadsheet.

Step 2

Find information on how often preventive maintenance is required by law for the type of equipment used in your organization. For this, there are special collections of standards for the types of equipment. They can be purchased from the technical bookstore or borrowed from the library. But at the same time, you need to keep in mind that the standards should be relevant, so choose the newest collection from the proposed ones.

Step 3

Start filling in the created table. In the first column, write down the name of the equipment, modification and manufacturer. Next, indicate the inventory number given to this equipment at your enterprise. In columns three through five, information is entered on how long a particular technical device can work between scheduled repairs. Get this information from the Regulatory Reference.

Step 4

From the sixth to the tenth paragraph, information is given about when the last repairs of the equipment were carried out. Both routine checks and the elimination of various unexpected problems are indicated.

Further, items from the eleventh to the twentieth second are indicated by the months of the coming year. In each of them, you must put a mark on whether a planned or overhaul of a particular device is planned during this period. Before that, review the regulations for equipment repair and conclude when it is best to conduct a technical check of a particular machine.

Step 5

In the twenty-third column, you need to record the annual period of the machine being repaired. To do this, add up all the days that rely on the repair of this type of equipment according to the regulations, and indicate the resulting figure in the table.

In the last, twenty-fourth paragraph, indicate the total time that the machine should work during the year. To do this, add up all the hours the device will operate in a year and subtract the repair time from them.

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