Vika Tsyganova: Biography Of The Singer

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Vika Tsyganova: Biography Of The Singer
Vika Tsyganova: Biography Of The Singer

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Victoria Yuryevna Tsyganova (maiden name Zhukova) is a famous Russian singer, composer and actress. The peak of its popularity came in the 90s of the twentieth century. However, the singer did not sink into oblivion. She left Moscow for a cozy country house, is engaged in charity work and gives concerts, raising funds to help orphans and war invalids.

Vika Tsyganova: biography of the singer
Vika Tsyganova: biography of the singer

Biography and creativity

Victoria Yurievna Tsyganova was born on October 28, 1963 in Khabarovsk in the family of a naval officer.

Even in early childhood, Tsyganova began to sing, graduated from a music school. In 1985, Tsyganova graduated from the Far Eastern Pedagogical Institute of Arts and received a degree in theater and film actress. Throughout her studies, Vika took vocal lessons.

After graduating from the institute, Vika Tsyganova entered the service at the Jewish Chamber Musical Theater. Then she worked at the regional drama theater in Ivanovo and at the Youth Musical Theater.

For all the time of her work in the theater, Victoria has played many interesting and memorable roles.

In 1988, Victoria Yurievna becomes a soloist of the "Sea" group. Together with this team, she went on tour throughout the country. Collaboration with composer Yuri Pryalkin and poet Vadim Tsyganov marked the beginning of the singer's solo career, which began in 1990.

Already in 1991, Tsyganova recorded her first album "Take a walk, anarchy!" The songs from this collection become hits immediately.

In the period from 1992-1996. Tsyganova releases one album a year: “With love for Russia”, “Strawberry”, “My angel”, “Love and death”, “Oh, not a sin”, “Russian songs. Who needs it?"

In 1997, the singer decides to change her repertoire. Hooligan and patriotic songs are replaced by lyrical romances and ballads.

Tsyganova, despite her popularity and a large audience of listeners, is not going to stop. She is constantly looking for herself in creativity. In 1998, she surprises her fans with a radical change in her image. The album "Sun" is recorded in the style of rock and roll, rock and pop music.

In 2001, the talented singer returns to chanson again. In a duet with Mikhail Krug, she records eight songs. Since that time, the composition "Come to my house" has become a kind of visiting card of this talented performer.

A significant event in the singer's work was a concert in Sevastopol on the missile cruiser Moskva. 2000-2002 Victoria Tsyganova receives many certificates and awards for services to the fatherland.

In 2004, Tsyganova made her film debut. In the series "At the corner of the Patriarchs - 4" she performed herself.

In 2010, the singer records the album "My Blue Flowers". The song from this collection "Eternal Memory" became one of the laureates of the all-Russian competition "Spring of Victory".

Vika Tsyganova became a regular participant in the "Chanson of the Year" award ceremony in the Kremlin.

Now, in addition to music, Tsyganova, together with her husband, is engaged in clothing design. They created a personalized brand, and now the dress from TSIGANOVA can be purchased in the store.

The personal life of the singer

For many years Vika Tsyganova has been married to the famous poet, producer and designer Vadim Tsyganov. They live in their own big house near Moscow. Tsyganova has no children.

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