What Names Fit Together

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What Names Fit Together
What Names Fit Together

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We are all different people. We have different characters, habits, tastes and views. With someone we easily find a common language, but with someone it is rather difficult to communicate. There are many factors affecting relationships between people, and one of them is name compatibility.

There are various ways to determine if names fit together. Several methods can be used for a more accurate result.

Sasha + Masha =?
Sasha + Masha =?


For example, as a result of adding the digits of your name, the number 19 is obtained, and the name of your partner is 34. We transform them to single digits as follows: 1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1; 3 + 4 = 7. So the number of your name is 1, the number of your partner's name is 7.

In this case, we are talking about the numbers of names. There are special tables in which you can see which number corresponds to each letter of your name and the name of your partner. The principle of working with such a table is very simple: you write down the full names of the people whose compatibility you want to find out, then, using the numbers from the table, calculate the number of each name, adding the numbers of the resulting number to a single-digit one. Further, in the interpretation of the table, find explanations about the compatibility of the resulting pair of numbers.

Meaning of letters

For example, Anatoly is Anna and Tolik, Ruslan is Ruslan and Lana, Vasily is Vasya and Leah. An excellent option is considered when the couple has the same names: Alexander and Alexandra, Eugene and Eugene, Valentin and Valentina.

Not only numbers have their own meaning, but also the letters of the name. It is believed that each of them is charged with a certain energy and has an impact on the character and destiny of a person. The letter, which occurs several times in the name, enhances the traits that it carries with its vibration.

For this method, there are also interpretations that reveal the meanings of each of the letters. By analyzing them, you can get an idea of ​​what kind of relationship to expect with a person. In this method, there are no hard boundaries, you need to understand that good relationships are possible not only with the coincidence of views and character traits, and therefore letters, but also with the presence of complementary features, which manifests itself precisely with a different letter composition of names.

Compatibility of names

This method is based on the logic of the previous one in the part that the more partners have the same or consonant syllables in the name, the more harmonious their relationship will be and the longer the life together. It is considered a particularly good sign when a man's name contains a woman's name.

Zodiac name compatibility

Also, determining which names are suitable for each other, you can turn to astrology. After all, the zodiac sign under which a person was born also endows him with certain character traits. The name can reduce the negative traits inherent in a particular sign, or, conversely, have a negative impact on a person, preventing his positive sides from developing. Thanks to the name, some features can begin to show through most clearly, some - on the contrary, soften and fade. Therefore, the analysis of the zodiacal and personal characteristics together can reveal a lot of information both about yourself and about your partner.

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