What Is Routine

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What Is Routine
What Is Routine

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As soon as stagnation, monotony, conservatism and a certain mechanism in actions appear in a person's life, he immediately begins to experience apathy, he is attacked by a blues and his interest in life gradually fades away. Figuratively speaking, it is sucked in by the philistine swamp.

What is routine
What is routine

The word "routine" comes from the French routine, that is, "road", "route". Life always goes on one track and nothing changes. In general, routine can be defined as stagnation, conservatism in business, in relationships, in life in general.

What is the routine

More often than not, routine refers to unpleasant, repetitive and boring work. So they say - routine work, routine or routine. But this concept is much broader and applies to all areas of life. What else can be defined as a routine?

This is the routine of everyday life, and financial routine, business and routine of diplomacy, expositional, domestic, corporate, everyday and competitive, morning and philistine, clerical and academic, routine of life and routine of relationships. It can even be pleasant. Yes, yes, sometimes it's nice to return, for example, after an active and eventful vacation, to your quiet haven and start your daily routine.

Is it possible to avoid it

All is not lost if the routine is limited to relationships, work, that is, some one side of life. This routine is not only avoidable, but necessary. You just need to fight the routine, you need to get rid of it and as quickly as possible.

The endless series of monotonous dull days can drive you into depression. Everything will seem to be frozen in place, suspended in a vacuum and not moving anywhere. It was a routine. That is, stagnation, long, boring and boring existence. Life begins to appear as a gray canvas, and so it is not far to reach thoughts about the meaninglessness of everything that exists.

But a person himself determines his life path. In fact, if he gets bogged down in the routine of days, it means that he is afraid of changes, subconsciously does not want to change anything, has an addiction to the template, habitual techniques, methods of work, does not want to destroy the established order, custom.

Fighting the routine is an opportunity to get out of the hustle and bustle of life. You just need to find these opportunities. These can be trips with colleagues at work, with family on unknown city routes, field trips, trips to neighboring cities on excursions. It can be playing sports, hobbies, hobbies, meetings in the company of like-minded people.

Cooking dinner together, going to the theater or going to football. Going to an orphanage or helping an animal shelter. Yes, yes, helping someone can raise the value of your own life and find joy from meeting and communication in the usual hustle and bustle. The main thing is to identify common interests with your loved ones or friends.

Life is varied and interesting, you just have to look around. And completely imperceptibly the routine will dissipate and there will be no trace of it.

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