What Is The Wumbilding Technique

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What Is The Wumbilding Technique
What Is The Wumbilding Technique

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There are a lot of muscles in the human body, they all require training in order to be in good shape. If you do exercises for the muscles of the vagina, you can also get additional pleasant sensations during intimacy.

What is the Wumbilding technique
What is the Wumbilding technique

Once upon a time, Dr. Kegel invented exercises that helped prevent urinary incontinence in women. But with their regular performance, the ladies began to notice that their sensuality increased, and their men claimed that they began to receive more pleasure from sex. Today, these exercises are called wumbling, and they open up a new world of sensations in couples.

Erotic skill

Vaginal muscle training was actively used by geisha and courtesans, women in oriental harems were well aware of them. These exercises allowed the mistress to bring the man to enchanting sensations with her womb. The craftswomen knew how to suck water in the most delicate part of the body and dance without dropping a drop. It was considered the height of perfection if a woman inserted a stick inside, not thicker than a pencil, and then even a strong man could not pull it out, because she held him very tightly with her muscles.

Today wumbling exercises are available to everyone, but they require regular training and constant practice. There are even simulators to strengthen this area, they accelerate the obtaining of the desired effect. Any ladies can perform the complex, but it is highly recommended to do it to women who have given birth in order to restore the elasticity of the walls, which in the process of the birth of a child could become not so elastic.

Exercises to strengthen muscles

The first and simplest exercise is to relax the vaginal area. When urinating, try to stop the process. At this point, you will begin to strain certain muscles, and that's what we're talking about. Squeeze them as hard as possible, then relax. You need to perform 3 sets of 10-15 times.

Gradually complicate the exercise. Pull in the muscles, then squeeze them even tighter. This is a 2-stage workout, and with the perfection of this exercise, you can do three contractions. At maximum, try to hold the position for 10 seconds, then rest and repetition at least 15 times.

It is necessary to learn how to separate the muscles of the anus and vagina. Try to draw in the clitoris area first, then just the anus muscles. It is important not to use the buttocks and abdomen, you only need to move the internal muscles. Alternate pulling in these parts. It may not work the first time, but you do not need to be upset, after 10 workouts it will turn out better. You need to blink at least 30 times in one go. Recommended to do in the morning and evening.

For further activities, you will need vaginal balls, you can buy them in a sex shop. Push them in, and then learn to push them out without using your hands. At first, place them not very deep, with the muscles of the entrance you can do this without much difficulty. But place them deeper and deeper each time. It is better to perform the exercise lying on your back with bent legs. When, even from the farthest point, you can move them with ease, begin to learn not to push, but to pull in. Try to move them only with the tension of the internal muscles.

The difficulty of the exercises can be increased by taking different positions. Do blinking or muscle tension and relaxation while squatting. You can complicate the exercise by standing in the "dog pose". You will find interesting variations in yoga, choose an asana, get into it, and at the same time do not forget to strain the desired area. From such exercises, the effect will be much more noticeable.

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