What Can You Say Instead Of Good Night

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What Can You Say Instead Of Good Night
What Can You Say Instead Of Good Night

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There are many ways to wish a good night. This can be done in different languages ​​as long as you know how "good night" will sound in them. You can also replace this phrase with another with a similar meaning. You can also come up with a funny rhyme and use it instead of the hackneyed "good night".

What can you say instead of good night
What can you say instead of good night


Wishing good night to your friend, you can show yourself as a connoisseur of foreign languages. To do this, you just need to search the Internet for the desired dictionary of foreign words and translate the phrase "good night" into the language of interest. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the given language. It is not always possible to make a literal translation. Stable phrases are often used in different languages.

Thus, you can say good night in English by saying good night, in German - gute nach, in Spanish - buenas noches, in French - bonne nuit or fais de beaux reves, in Czech - dobrou noc, etc.

You can also, without leaving the jungle, wish good night in some local dialect or in a national language you know well. For example, in the Bashkir language it will sound "haerle yoko" or "tynys yoko".


If you decide to simply replace the phrase "good night" with another, close to it in meaning, then you may wish, for example, pleasant dreams or good night. You may also wish the fluffy clouds to be carried away to the mysterious world of dreams and sweet dreams.

Poetic Good Night Wishes

It will be much more interesting if you wish good night in poetry or in a song. Moreover, the content of such a wish depends on the personality of the person to whom you are addressing it.

So, if a familiar girl or a single woman came to visit you and stayed overnight, then you can wish her before going to bed: "In a new place / Dream of the groom to the bride." In Russia, it was believed that if so to speak, then a prophetic dream would appear in which the betrothed of a sleeping girl would appear.

Putting your child to bed, you can sometimes do without the phrase "good night", replacing it with the lullabies known to little Russian TV viewers "Sleep my joy, sleep …" or "Tired toys are sleeping, books are sleeping …". In children's literature and folklore, you will find many other lullabies that say good night.

Before going to bed, you can give your beloved girl a beautiful postcard with a poetic wish. An example is the following quatrain: “I wish you sweet dreams! / And I secretly hope / That I will meet you in this land / Blessed and paradise flowers! " You can also quote individual lines of relevant topics from the poetic works of great poets.

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