How To Call Belarus From Ukraine

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How To Call Belarus From Ukraine
How To Call Belarus From Ukraine

You can call Belarus from Ukraine from any landline or mobile phone. The complete telephone number must include the international prefix, country and area codes, and the local telephone number of the subscriber. Ukrainian mobile operators offer subscribers various services and tariffs to reduce the cost of a call.

You can call Belarus from a mobile and landline phone
You can call Belarus from a mobile and landline phone

Stationary phone numbers in Belarus can be written in two formats - domestic and international. The internal format is used for long-distance communication within the country and is designated by the code 80. To call Belarus from Ukraine, you need to replace the internal long-distance access code (80) with the international code of Belarus (+375). Some telephones do not have the ability to dial the international access code (+), so it must be replaced with the code (00). Thus, the international country code is a combination of numbers (00375). After dialing the country code, you need to dial the area code and subscriber number. Full international phone number in Belarus looks like:

00375 YY XX XX XXX

where YY is the area code (2 to 4 characters).

ХХ ХХ ХХХ - subscriber's telephone number (excluding the country and city code, it can contain from 5 to 7 characters).

Calls from landline phones

Since August 2013, Ukrtelecom, the main landline telephone operator in Ukraine, has set a tariff for calls to Belarus in the amount of $ 0, 36. In this case, payment is made in hryvnia at the current rate at the time of the call.

Calls from mobile phones

You can also call Belarus from Ukraine from a mobile phone using the services of one of the Ukrainian mobile operators. The dialing rules in this case remain the same as when using a fixed telephone network.

MTS Ukraine

The basic tariffs of MTS for calls from Ukraine to Belarus provide for the cost of one minute of conversation 12 hryvnia. To call Belarus at more favorable rates, you can order one of the additional services. Thus, the "Available Abroad" service allows you to make calls between countries for 3 hryvnia per minute. Additional connection fee is 1 hryvnia.


The Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar offers its subscribers to use the StarSvit service for international calls. According to its tariffs, one minute of a call to Belarus will cost 4 hryvnia from 8.00 to 20.00 and 2 hryvnia the rest of the time. Each call from the subscriber is charged a one-time fee of 2 hryvnia.


The tariff plan "International Life:)" for calls to Belarus sets the cost of one minute of conversation in the amount of 2.45 hryvnia. The cost of switching to "International Life:)" from other tariff plans is 15 hryvnia.

Calls to Belarus via the Internet

In addition to landline and mobile communications, it is possible to call Belarus from Ukraine using the services of one of the online services designed to make phone calls over the Internet. These services allow you to make a call using a smartphone or phone with WiFi function. Calls are paid using electronic payment systems, including MasterCard and VISA.

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