Where Are Ikea Stores In Moscow

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Where Are Ikea Stores In Moscow
Where Are Ikea Stores In Moscow

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IKEA furniture and interior items stores are breaking popularity records among all similar hypermarkets. The reason for this is the good quality of the furniture, excellent service and additional service. You can come to IKEA with the whole family and children will not be bored. A children's room, a cafe with a special menu and other entertainments await them.

Where are Ikea stores in Moscow
Where are Ikea stores in Moscow

IKEA Khimki

There are three IKEA stores in Moscow. The very first store opened in Khimki in the Mega shopping center. It is located at the IKEA microdistrict, building one. If you are driving from Moscow along Leningradskoe Shosse, keep to the signs for Mega Khimki. When you reach the overpass, climb it and follow the signs at the exit.

The parking lot near IKEA is very large and it will not be difficult to park your car there. You can get to the hypermarket by public transport from Moscow and Khimki. Branded buses run from Moscow to the Mega shopping center. They can be identified by bright advertisements on board. They stop near the metro stations Planernaya, Rechnoy Vokzal, Mitino.

You can also get to Ikea from Zelenograd, Kurkino, Old and New Khimki, Levoberezhny and Skhodnya districts. The IKEA store is open on weekdays from 10 am to midnight, and on Friday and Saturday until 2 am.

Tel. IKEA Khimki 8 (495) 737 53 29.

IKEA Belaya Dacha

In the southeast of the Moscow Region, an IKEA store can be found in Mega Belaya Dacha. Megamall is located in the city of Kotelniki (Lyuberetskiy district), Pokrovskiy proezd, 51, right next to the Moscow Ring Road on the outside. From the center of Moscow you can get to it through Volgogradsky Prospekt, turn onto the Moscow Ring Road towards the south of Moscow, then go up the flyover, turn towards Mega. In front of you there will be open and covered parking lots. You need to enter the covered parking, guided by the signs for IKEA.

If you don't plan on buying bulky items, you can park wherever you want. By public transport you can get to IKEA Belaya Dacha from the metro stations Vykhino, Kuzminki, Lyublino, Bratislavskaya. There are minibuses from the towns of Zheleznodorozhny, Reutov, Lyubertsy, Lytkarino to the store. Opening hours of the store Sunday - Thursday from 10 to 23, and on Friday and Saturday until 24 hours.

Tel. IKEA Belaya Dacha 8 (495) 739 84 64.

IKEA Tyoply Stan

The third IKEA store in Moscow is located in Mega Teply Stan. The exact address is Kaluzhskoe highway, Sosenskoe settlement (41 km of the Moscow Ring Road). The shopping center is located on the outer side of the Moscow Ring Road, slightly to the left of the Kaluzhskoe highway and has its own exit. By bus you can get to the IKEA store from the metro stations "Bulvar Dmitriya Donskoy" and "Teply Stan".

Tel. IKEA Teply Stan 8 (495) 737 30 07.

A minibus taxi runs from Belyaevo and Yugo-Zapadnaya. From Sunday to Thursday inclusive, the store is open from 10 am to 12 am. And on Friday and Saturday, the opening hours are extended until 2 am.

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