How To Get A Certificate From A Narcologist

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How To Get A Certificate From A Narcologist
How To Get A Certificate From A Narcologist
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Very often, citizens are faced with the need to submit a certificate from a narcologist. And the question arises: how and where to get it, and with a minimum of material and time costs.

Certificate from a narcologist
Certificate from a narcologist

Who needs a certificate from a narcologist and in what cases?

A certificate from a narcologist must be submitted to some employers, for example, if the organization is a security structure. When obtaining a permit to carry a weapon or drive a motor vehicle (in other words, when passing exams for a driver's license), a certificate from a narcologist will be required. When a medical book is drawn up, or a package of documents is collected to the bank to consider an application for a loan, this doctor will also have to visit.

It will not be possible to apply for admission to a university if there is no certificate from a narcologist, just as it will be impossible to adopt a child. The guardianship authorities will not consider such a case. But there is an exception: if the adoptive parent has lived with the child for at least two years, a certificate is not required. Candidates for admission to service in state or municipal bodies without a document from a narcologist will not be considered for a vacancy either. It should be borne in mind that such a certificate is valid for three years, and draw up it in advance so that at the time of the main trips to the authorities you will not be distracted.

The cost of the certificate, and how is it better to get it

The cost of a certificate from a narcologist ranges from the amount of one minimum wage to 500 rubles and more, depending on the place of receipt, but it is issued completely free of charge if the citizen belongs to the privileged category. The benefit will have to be documented. After contacting the registry, you will need to go to the nearest branch of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation for payment. Further, with the back of the payment document, go to the registry again, from where they will be sent to the doctor.

You can get a document at the narcological dispensary serving the registration area, it is enough to come to the ND with a passport and a document confirming the benefits, if any. Often, a doctor, doubting the sobriety of a citizen, sends him to take a biochemical blood test, showing whether a person uses alcohol or other psychoactive substances. Drug test may be required. Based on this, it is better to ask for help in advance, since biochemistry is done within ten days.

But if a paid clinic is chosen, they will do it all in a day, since they work with the latest reagents. You should not choose a doctor who simply for the money offered in the office, without undue effort, will sign the necessary certificate, since the data can be verified. Moreover, you don't just need to buy a certificate. All NDs have a single database, everything is checked in seconds. If it turns out that a person is still registered with the ND, the certificate will be canceled, and there may be other consequences.

With all this, people who are registered with a narcologist should not despair, since in many situations the necessary certificate, including for a driver's license, can be obtained from the doctor directly with whom they are registered. The main thing here is to be in a long-term state of remission.

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