How To Make Pom Poms For Support Groups

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How To Make Pom Poms For Support Groups
How To Make Pom Poms For Support Groups

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Cheerleaders or, as they are more often called, "girls with pompoms" are the adornment of any sports team. In Russia, this movement is only gaining momentum, but it already has a lot of enthusiasts. Do you want to try your hand at the art of "rock"? Join a support group at a sports club, improve your stretching and, of course, consider a costume for the show. The most important part of it - fluffy bright pom-poms - can be bought, but it is much more interesting to make them yourself.

How to make pom poms for support groups
How to make pom poms for support groups

It is necessary

  • - plastic bags;
  • - carnival wigs;
  • - paper or foil;
  • - scissors;
  • - knife;
  • - scotch tape.


Step 1

Take a few plastic bags of the color you want. Cut off the handles and bottom and cut the bag one side at a time to make a rectangle. The size of the pompom depends on the width of the rectangle.

Step 2

Measure 10 centimeters from the long edge - this is the part for the future pen. Cut the workpiece into strips no more than 1 centimeter wide, without cutting to the handle. Thus, process at least 5 packets. The more there are, the more magnificent the pompom will be.

Step 3

Place the bags one on top of the other and fold them tightly. Wrap the uncut portion of the bags with duct tape to form a handle. Fluff up the finished pompom. If your outfit involves multi-colored pom-poms, use bags of different shades. Contrasting combinations, for example, red with blue or black and white, look especially bright.

Step 4

Use foil to create shiny pom poms. Select a roll of the required width, measure a strip of foil and cut the fringe with scissors, stepping back from one long edge no more than 10 centimeters. Roll up the foil. For more convenience, a wooden or plastic rod about 10 centimeters long can be inserted into the handle. Place it inside a foil roll and wrap it tightly with tape.

Step 5

Similarly, you can make a pom-pom from soft wrapping paper sold in rolls. The fringe of the pom-pom can be curled. This is done at the procurement stage. Lay out the cut paper, take a couple of ribbons and curl them, sharply running a knife or open scissors along the entire length of the fringe. Gradually work through the entire fringe row and roll up the pompom.

Step 6

Original pom poms can be made from synthetic carnival wigs. Find several of the same wigs in the color you want. Cut the wig into a rectangle. Cut carefully to avoid damaging the wig attachment. Adjust the size of the pompom by trimming the wig to the desired length. Place a plastic rod in the lower part of the future pompom and twist this part tightly, fixing it firmly with tape or electrical tape.

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