Which Clothing Market In Pyatigorsk Is The Cheapest

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Which Clothing Market In Pyatigorsk Is The Cheapest
Which Clothing Market In Pyatigorsk Is The Cheapest
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Lots of parking spaces, wide assortment, good discounts, cafes with inexpensive and tasty food - all this makes the Lira wholesale and retail market popular.

Which clothing market in Pyatigorsk is the cheapest
Which clothing market in Pyatigorsk is the cheapest

Variety of markets in Pyatigorsk

There are enough clothing markets in Pyatigorsk: "Svetlana", "Lyudmila", "Lira", "Astra" and others. All of them are somewhat similar to each other - both externally and in terms of price range. But, perhaps, the most convenient is the Lira wholesale and retail market. Every year it expands its boundaries more and more, providing new opportunities for sellers and buyers. For more than 10 years on the territory of "Lyra" there is a huge paid parking lot, where you can find a free piece for an hour.


One of the advantages of the Lira market is its wide assortment. Here you can buy literally everything, from bulky goods to small items for the home. There are rows with one product category, such as fur coats and leather. But often they sell here mixed. For example, flawless porcelain dishes and shop equipment can coexist nearby.

But most of all here, of course, things, it's not for nothing that this is the clothing market. The assortment is also very wide. Moreover, various manufacturers are represented: factory clothes from China are good, Chinese things of poor quality, Vietnam, European clothes, Russian manufacturers and local sewing factories. There is an opportunity to buy good branded clothes at retail at prices much lower than store prices or their replicas, also of good quality.

Here you can also buy good knitwear from neighboring regions, machine and hand-knitted. So, for only 100 rubles, warm woolen socks are sold, tied by hands without a side seam, in bulk - about 20 rubles cheaper. Clothes for children, women's and men's pullovers, hats, dresses, jackets, cardigans - knitwear is brought here mainly from neighboring Karachay-Cherkessia or Kabardino-Balkaria. Good quality. Clothes are made, as a rule, from Turkish yarn or high quality synthetic or woolen fibers produced in the regions.

A lot of shoes. In terms of popularity, Italian masters are leading, then Russian and, finally, local, Armenian masters. Shoes can be bought here very cheaply. So, for 2 thousand rubles, there are magnificent leather shoes, which are resold in city stores for 5 thousand rubles. Summer sandals, flip-flops, slippers, slates - all this in abundance and inexpensive. For 300-400 rubles, you can buy simple shoes for every day, in which you are not ashamed to go, for example, to a cafe with friends.

Bags, accessories, various little things, so necessary for every woman - there is a lot in total. A good quality Chanel bag is sold for 600-800 rubles, obviously made in China, but there is no specific unpleasant smell, it is neatly made. Women's wallets and men's wallets are also sold at affordable prices. Leather - 400-1600, from a substitute - 50-300.

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