How To Keep The Tree Green

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How To Keep The Tree Green
How To Keep The Tree Green

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New Year's preparations are very special chores. The house turns into a real fairy tale: the aromas of sweets, pine needles and oranges soar around, and the windows, doors and walls, carefully painted by children, begin to sparkle with multi-colored tinsel. Buying a Christmas tree is one of the most crucial moments. After all, the duration of the festive mood in your house depends on how long the fluffy green beauty will stand. Of course, you can choose a young and beautiful Christmas tree, but here's how to keep it green for longer?

How to keep the tree green
How to keep the tree green

It is necessary

Aspirin, glycerin, bucket of water, saw, spray bottle, sugar


Step 1

Do not bring the tree directly from a cold room into a warm place. From a sharp temperature drop, your fluffy beauty can shed very much. It is best to hold it on the balcony for a while or leave it on the landing. Give the tree time to get used to the new temperature, only in this case it will come to life and retain its color and aroma.

Step 2

Renew the trunk cut by cutting off the dry tip immediately before installation. This must be done so that it is easier for the plant to absorb water from the container in which it will be located. You can tap the edge a little with a hammer to loosen it up - this also increases the moisture contact area and helps your tree get the water it needs. Do not leave the tree in an empty cross or stand on a dry spacer. In this case, it will dry out very quickly and lose its appearance. The best thing is to put the spruce tree in a bucket of wet sand or set the mount so that there is a container of water under it.

Step 3

Prepare a nutrient solution for the tree. A bucket of sand needs very little water - only a liter or one and a half. This is quite enough so that the tree can draw in water slightly and does not rot. As it dries, the water must be added to the bucket. A very good remedy for premature aging of conifers is a solution of sugar and aspirin. For a bucket of water 2 aspirin tablets and two to three tablespoons of sugar, you can also use glycerin instead of sugar. A Christmas tree in such a bucket will live much longer and will delight you with its blooming and healthy look.

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