Why Do Tibetan Monks Drink Tea With Salt

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Why Do Tibetan Monks Drink Tea With Salt
Why Do Tibetan Monks Drink Tea With Salt

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Tea is a popular drink all over the world. Many different nations have their own distinctive preferences for making and drinking tea. How many nationalities and nations exist in the world, so many traditional features of the preparation of this drink. Some people drink tea with milk, while others drink it with butter and salt. Salted tea with milk and butter is a typical drink for many nomadic peoples, including the Tibetans.

Tibetan tea is one of the secrets of Tibet
Tibetan tea is one of the secrets of Tibet

In Tibet, local green tea such as Bo Nai is drunk, which is a wonderful thirst quencher. The taste is a little odd due to the milk and butter. You will not drink such a drink sweet, so it is salted. This is the highlight of this high-calorie and invigorating tea. This drink is very invigorating and gives strength and energy.

An invigorating drink from Tibet

It is recommended to consume Tibetan salted tea in the morning. At the beginning of the day, an influx of strength and energy is needed for the human body.

The peoples of Asia consider tea with milk and salt to be their traditional feature. It is very hot where they live. Milk tea and salt helps prevent dehydration and is a great thirst quencher.

Why do people drink salty tea? Very simple, because salt is an important element of the human body. Salted tea relaxes, restores strength during intense physical exertion, as is the case with long transitions.

Tibetan monks have been drinking tea for centuries. The power of herbs helped them to heal the body and prevent health. Before long fasts, the monks cleanse their bodies with tea. Tibetan tea is a natural herb that grows in the high mountains of Tibet.

This drink improves the functioning of human digestion and stabilizes the body's metabolism. Tibetan tea cleanses the intestines, has a good laxative effect, which helps with constipation. Traditional Tibetan tea does not remove nutrients and trace elements like other similar products. On the contrary, this drink contains many useful components that feed the human body.

Composition and benefits of Tibetan tea

Traditional Tibetan tea includes: green tea, healthy herbs (mint, rose hips, chamomile, nettle, lemongrass or lemongrass), bay leaf, terminalia chebula, echinacea, linden bark.

Green tea is a strong antioxidant, enhances tone and performance, helps to resist stress and aggressive factors of the outside world, in addition, it prevents the general aging of the body as a whole. Chamomile in tea helps the digestive process and improves metabolism. It is a good anti-inflammatory agent. Peppermint is a choleretic and has a calming effect. Rosehip is a storehouse of vitamins and useful microelements, has anti-inflammatory, antihelminthic and diuretic effects. Echinacea - boosts immunity and promotes cell regeneration and renewal.

Tibetan tea has a good effect on the human body, as well as its use contributes to weight loss and promotes weight loss without harm.

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