What Kind Of Material Is This - Tarpaulin?

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What Kind Of Material Is This - Tarpaulin?
What Kind Of Material Is This - Tarpaulin?
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The popular kersey wool fabric is rougher than other wool varieties. It owes its name and origin to the small village of Kersey in England. It was in this area that a certain breed of sheep was bred, from whose wool this material was produced.

Snow-white tarpaulin
Snow-white tarpaulin

Artificial leather analog

At its core, tarpaulin is a cotton fabric, its distinctive feature is its multi-layering and, as a result, increased strength. The history of the invention of the tarpaulin in Russia dates back to 1903. The authorship, according to the Polytechnic Museum, belongs to Mikhail Pomortsev. While doing research on rubber substitutes, he got a waterproof tarp. It was used in the manufacture of cases for weapons, and fodder sacks were made from it.

Further inventions of the scientist in the field of waterproof fabrics were even more perfect. Developing an artificial analogue of the skin, Mikhail Mikhailovich created a mixture that included egg yolk, paraffin and rosin. Multilayer fabric treated with this emulsion became a leatherette. This new invention was not inferior to its natural predecessor in its properties - it did not allow water to pass through, but the air passed through such a fabric excellently. This new material was named kersey, after the name of the fabric that was at its basis.


Initially, bags, covers, and equestrian equipment were made from the new fabric. During the First World War, an attempt was made to release shoes from the tarpaulin for soldiers. Not everyone liked this idea. Manufacturers who make shoes from genuine leather tried to ruin this order of the Military-Industrial Committee. And the idea of ​​producing tarpaulin boots was forgotten for a long time.

Since the 30s of the XIX century, many Soviet scientists have worked to create a cheap artificial material that resembles leather in properties. Only from the beginning of 1942 the production of new comfortable and durable footwear for the Red Army was launched. The credit goes to the developers Alexander Khomutov and Ivan Plotnikov.

Boots and more

Today, most people associate the word tarpaulin with army shoes - tarpaulin boots. These heavy-duty shoes are, in fact, made of cotton fabric. It's just that it is brought to an optimal state by treatment with film-forming substances. The outer side is embossed to look like natural pigskin. Basically, tarpaulin is used for the production of boots for the military, namely for their tops. In addition, this material is indispensable in the production of rubberized drive belts and tablets.

Kirza has been serving people with faith and truth for more than a dozen, during this time she has earned honor and respect. This is evidenced by the miraculous monument to tarpaulin boots. The monument was erected in the village of Zvezdny, Perm Territory. This pair of boots, made of bronze, weighs nearly 40 kilograms.

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