Lottery: Cheating Or Lucky Ticket?

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Lottery: Cheating Or Lucky Ticket?
Lottery: Cheating Or Lucky Ticket?

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The point of any lottery boils down to the fact that by paying a small amount, you can get much more. The chance of a big win is small, but real. Unless, of course, you have not fallen for the bait of scammers who have a lot of ways to deprive you of your hard earned money and not give anything in return.

Lottery: Cheating or Lucky Ticket?
Lottery: Cheating or Lucky Ticket?

Lottery fraud

There are a lot of lotteries. Russian Lotto, Zolotoy Klyuch and many others - tickets are sold on every corner, all circulations are shown on television, and the results of the draw are published in all-Russian publications and are available on the Internet. At first glance, everything looks fair.

In fact, you cannot control the honesty of such a lottery. And none of its participants can. If only because you do not see the rest of the participants. An optimistic presenter takes out barrels or balls with numbers, you mark them on your ticket and you are about to win … Don't expect a win. There may be many like you all over the country. And now the host announces that a certain Fedor Kuznetsov from Blagoveshchensk hit the jackpot.

And you have lost. And not only you. And everyone thinks about this lucky Fedor and envies him. But no one thinks about whether this Fedor even exists in the world? The computer calculated that on the next move someone would win, and you were simply not allowed to finish playing until this move. How can I check this? But in no way. You don't sit next to the rest of the players, as you did in childhood, when we played regular lotto, and you cannot look at their tickets. Small amounts can be given honestly to the winners. But the big wins are not randomly determined.

Sometimes lottery organizers go even further and give the main prize to the owner of a nonexistent or unsold ticket. And if you can somehow track the fraud with a non-existent ticket (each lottery ticket has a special number), in the second case, you will not learn anything again. And nobody will know.

How to protect yourself from deception?

The only barrier that can protect you from lottery fraud is legislation. Today, the state plans to put the organizers of lotteries in even harsher conditions. In particular, it is planned to limit the amount of equipment used in drawing lotteries. The question of the timing of payments will also be brought to exact figures.

Control over the maintenance of the register of records of all-Russian, regional and municipal lotteries will also become more stringent, so that the regulatory authorities will be able to track the path of each ticket sold.

The methods of punishing unscrupulous lottery players will also change. For deception, inaccurate information, and the production of tickets without taking into account legal requirements, lottery organizers risk receiving a substantial fine. The fine for the use of equipment will be even greater in size, in which there is a great chance to hide the true results of the lottery. If all these points are implemented, the lottery will cease to be a way of filling the pockets of organizers and will become what it should be - a fair game for all residents of the country.

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