How Do The Buses Run In Yekaterinburg

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How Do The Buses Run In Yekaterinburg
How Do The Buses Run In Yekaterinburg

Video: How Do The Buses Run In Yekaterinburg

Video: How Do The Buses Run In Yekaterinburg
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Bus traffic is developed in Yekaterinburg, because this type of transport does not need to create special conditions: pulling wires, laying rails. To all remote areas, only a bus follows.

How do the buses run in Yekaterinburg
How do the buses run in Yekaterinburg


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There are two types of buses in Yekaterinburg: municipal and commercial. They all go strictly from one terminal stop to another. Circular traffic is not provided, unlike trolleybuses and one tram.

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All buses must adhere to the timetable. Despite this, the operating hours of vehicles on commercial routes may differ from those stated. The fact is that many drivers who want to earn more like to wait for potential passengers at stops at the main transfer points, thereby delaying traffic.

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In total, there are 6 municipal car parks and several private ones, where you can find out a more detailed schedule of the route of interest. But, again, you will only be informed about the start and end times of the movement, as well as the intervals at different times of the day. Nobody will provide an exact schedule with the indication of minutes.

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The longest distance in one trip, if you do not take into account the suburban buses, capturing the adjacent territories of Yekaterinburg, is about 28 km along route No. 3. With all stops and with an insignificant traffic density, the transport overcomes it in almost 1.5 hours. The shortest route is just over 7 km, bus number 33A operates on it. By the way, the letter addition is introduced on a duplicate route, which is different, but not significantly.

Step 5

The city center is affected by routes: 1, 2, 6, 13, 14, 15, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 32, 33, 33A, 41, 46, 48, 50A, 50M, 57, 61, 64 Buses No. 29, 163 run on the outskirts. The rest connect remote areas or go in non-central areas.

Step 6

The beginning and the end of the movement on each route is different. As a rule, the first buses leave at 6 am and end at 11 pm. However, leaving the outlying areas after 22:00 is very problematic.

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