How To Check The Lottery Ticket "Russian Lotto" In

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How To Check The Lottery Ticket "Russian Lotto" In
How To Check The Lottery Ticket "Russian Lotto" In

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The Russian Lotto TV lottery is a media version of the traditional and popularly loved board game with cards and barrels. The lottery has been operating since 1994 and raffles off weekly prizes on TV, including money, apartments, cars and household appliances.

How to check a lottery ticket
How to check a lottery ticket


Step 1

To play the lottery, you need to purchase a ticket or tickets. This can be done in several places, including the Internet, which has become an integral part of modern life. Tickets can be bought from distributors or in kiosks of the Moscow Lottery, in post offices. These tickets are issued in the form of colorful cards with the lottery logo. Purchases are widespread through various Internet sites, including, as well as through Qiwi payment terminals.

Step 2

You can check whether you won a ticket both during the broadcast of the next issue of the lottery on the TV channel every Sunday, and after it for six months. This can be done in the following ways: according to the circulation table published in the press, on Internet sites, as well as by watching online videos on the site You can find out the results of tickets paid through Qiwi by receiving an SMS message to the specified phone and receive the winnings to your Qiwi wallet.

Step 3

The results of the runs are published in the newspapers Trud, Sportloto, Moskovskaya Pravda, Vechernyaya Moskva, Work in Moscow, Sudarushka. Holders of tickets purchased over the Internet receive their winnings immediately to their personal account, so the result can be seen a few hours after the drawing without checking the ticket. The video on the official website and the circulation table appear approximately 4-5 hours after the TV release, the money is credited to the Internet accounts on the next working day, i.e. on Monday.

Step 4

The Russian Lotto game takes place in several rounds. The three main rounds go until closing, respectively, of any 5-digit ticket line, any 15-digit card and the entire ticket (30 digits). Then the game goes up to 85-87 moves until the entire ticket is closed. If, on the 15th move, the numbers of one of the two cards are covered in the ticket, then the ticket holder receives the jackpot.

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