How To Trade Metal

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How To Trade Metal
How To Trade Metal

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Any business has as its goal to obtain sufficient profit. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to take into account various factors affecting the organization of entrepreneurial activity. Metal trading is no exception.

How to trade metal
How to trade metal

It is necessary

  • - business plan;
  • - premises;
  • - staffed staff of service personnel.


Step 1

First of all, study the metal market in your area. What is how much it costs, what type of product of this profile is most in demand from the buyer.

Step 2

Make a business plan. Calculate the number of investments, the planned payback of the business and the time frame for this to happen. Consider not only the costs of the products themselves, but also the costs of their delivery, payment for renting premises, salaries of movers and sellers.

Step 3

Find out information about your competitors in the same niche in the business market as you. Collect data on the quality of their product, prices sold. For a successful business development, your product and its cost must be competitive.

Step 4

Consider also such a principle as the seasonality of trading. For example, fittings and pipes sell well from March to September, at a time when construction is underway.

Step 5

Find out for yourself and questions regarding the purchase of products. For example, is it possible to buy metal with loading into a car from the factory, or is it possible to deliver only wagon deliveries. Also, you should be concerned about the question: what markup should be set between the price of the enterprise and the retail. Explore the most demanded positions for a private trader.

Step 6

Look up information on selling prices for various types of metal on the resources of commodity exchanges or on the websites of manufacturers. There are also English-language open resources that indicate world prices.

Step 7

Create a website describing the samples of the products you sell. You can organize an online store or leave contact numbers on the site for ordering goods.

Step 8

Do not spare money for advertising in the media (in local newspapers, on the radio, etc.), report on discounts, promotions, etc. - all this will work well for the promotion of your business.

Step 9

Think over the delivery of the goods to the buyer by your company, decide whether it will be paid or not.

Step 10

Gather all the necessary documents giving permission to trade. Register your company with the tax office.

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