What Are The Brands Of Steel-rolling Fittings

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What Are The Brands Of Steel-rolling Fittings
What Are The Brands Of Steel-rolling Fittings

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Steel-rolling reinforcement is classified according to strength classes. Depending on the class, steel of a certain grade is used for the manufacture of fittings. The most commonly used brands in the production of fittings: St3kp, St3ps, St3sp, St5ps, St5sp, 18G2S, 25G2S, 35GS, A400S, A500S.

What are the brands of steel-rolling fittings
What are the brands of steel-rolling fittings

Classification of Steel Rolling Rebar

Steel-rolling rebar is a set of interconnected steel reinforcing bars designed to strengthen building reinforced concrete products. According to the level of strength, the reinforcement is divided into 6 main classes, from AI to AVI - the higher the class, the stronger the product. Reinforcing bars of the main classes are produced from low-alloy and carbon steel. Each class of reinforcement corresponds to a certain type of steel for manufacturing:

- reinforcement of class АI (another designation - А240) is made of steel grades St3kp, St3ps, St3sp;

- fittings of class AII (A300) are made of steel grades St5ps, St5sp, 18G2S, 10GT;

- fittings of class AIII (A400) are made of steel grades 25G2S, 35GS, 32G2Rps;

- fittings of class AIV (A600) are made of steel grades 80C, 20HG2S;

- valves of class АV (А800) are made of steel grade 23Х2Г2Т;

- fittings of class АVI (A1000) are made of steel grades 22Х2Г2Р, 22Х2Г2АЮ, 20Х2Г2СР.

Reinforcement used in the construction of especially heavy reinforced concrete structures is distinguished into a separate class - these are thermomechanical and heat-hardened steel reinforcing bars. By the nature of the profile, they belong to the rods of a periodic profile (i.e. corrugated rods). Division of reinforcement in a class in accordance with the steel grade used for manufacturing:

- At400S - steel grade St3ps, St3sp;

- At500S - steel grade St5ps, St5sp;

- At600 - steel grade 20GS;

- At600S - steel grade 25G2S, 35GS, 27GS, 28S;

- At600K - steel grade 08G2S, 10GS2, 25S2R;

- At800 - steel grade 08G2S, 10GS2, 20GS, 20GS2; 25G2S, 22S, 25S2R, 28S, 35GS;

- At800K - steel grade 35GS, 25S2R;

- At1000 - steel grade 20HGS2;

- At1200 - steel grade 30ХС2.

In the index of steel reinforcement, special designations (letters) may also be indicated, indicating the quality of steel:

- letter "t" - thermally hardened reinforcement;

- letter "v" - armature, strengthened by a hood;

- letter "k" - reinforcement that prevents corrosion cracks;

- letter "c" - welded fittings.

Decoding of designations in steel grades

Steel grade names refer to the composition of the steel or its recommended application. Decoding of the letter designations of the main steel grades: cn - calm steel, ps - semi-calm steel, kp - boiling steel, St - steel is intended for structures, C - steel includes silicon, X - steel includes chrome, R - steel boron is included, A - nitrogen is part of the steel, T - titanium is part of the steel. Numerical designations indicate the percentage of a certain element in the composition of steel.

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