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What Is 3d
What Is 3d

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The traditional image on a TV or computer screen is two-dimensional, flat. Human perception, of course, to some extent itself complements such an artificial reality, but in general, a flat image does not allow you to fully enjoy the picture. A way out of this situation was found when 3D technologies appeared.

3D image of a rainbow
3D image of a rainbow

3D technologies: a journey into a three-dimensional world

3D technology is a general name for different types of volumetric images. Translated from English, the combination "3 dimensional" literally means "three-dimensional". 3D includes a three-dimensional image, three-dimensional graphics, as well as a set of hardware and software tools and methods that make it possible to create three-dimensional objects.

The main application of such technologies is found in the creation of images on a screen or flat sheet. 3D technologies are used in television, cinema, architecture, and computer games. The latest advancement in 3D technology was the invention of 3D printing.

On special 3D-printers today it is possible to print simple physical objects having length, width and height.

When talking about 3D, they usually mean cinematography. Such a system makes it possible to construct the illusion of a three-dimensional image displayed on a large screen. The use of three-dimensional technologies in cinema is based on the binocular vision characteristic of humans. All the smallest details that the visual analyzer passively captures, the retina processes separately. And only then the brain connects the individual elements of the picture into a holistic three-dimensional image.

Features of 3D technologies

3D graphics involve interacting with an imaginary space that has three dimensions. But this volumetric world is displayed on a flat surface that has only two dimensions. In some cases, an object or picture depicted on a plane is perceived as three-dimensional without any additional devices.

Often, virtual helmets or special glasses with a stereoscopic effect are used to perceive three-dimensional reality.

A volumetric image in two-dimensional space involves constructing a projection of a three-dimensional model onto a flat sheet or screen. Here, more often than not, you cannot do without the use of special computer programs. In this case, the object represented in three-dimensional form is usually an exact copy of an object from the material world. But it can also be in any abstract way, made, for example, from geometric shapes.

Creating a 3D object begins with building a model using mathematical data processing methods. This is followed by visualization of the mathematical model, after which it takes the form of a projection, which reflects the scene or physical object selected for modeling. The result of visualization with the help of technical means is displayed on a terminal device, for example, on a TV screen or a personal computer display.

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