How To Bring Down The Smell Of Alcohol

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How To Bring Down The Smell Of Alcohol
How To Bring Down The Smell Of Alcohol

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Quite often, you have to mask the smell of alcohol. From parents or wife, at work. There are many different folk methods and tips, they will effectively and quickly help you get rid of these problems.

How to bring down the smell of alcohol
How to bring down the smell of alcohol

It is necessary

  • - citric acid or lemon;
  • - coffee;
  • - sunflower, walnut, linseed oil;
  • - "Antipolitsay", "Antipohmelin", "Alkonol".


Step 1

Sunflower or olive oil will help to kill the smell of alcohol, because the reasons for its appearance are vapors, therefore, enveloping the walls of the stomach with a film, the oil temporarily blocks their release. The action lasts a maximum of ten minutes. Take one tablespoon at a time, but the effect is temporary.

Step 2

Try to catch the smell of alcohol. Using this method, you can reduce the amount of released aldehydes, because it is they who are the cause of the odor and for the most part are excreted through the oral cavity. Food will not remove, but simply reduce the amount of aldehydes released. One of the common means for eliminating fumes is walnut oil or flaxseed oil, they envelop the mucous membranes of the mouth and esophagus. Also, pour boiled water into a glass and pour one teaspoon of salt into it, then rinse your mouth well and the smell will dull. Take a couple of bay leaves and chew them well, the feeling of fumes will disappear for a while.

Step 3

Use special means before drinking alcohol, for example, if you know that you will not be able to refuse drinking, and tomorrow you will be driving or at a responsible meeting. There are a wide variety of drugs that reduce the absorption of alcohol and eliminate its harmful effects. These funds belong to the group of hepatoprotectors. Alconol will help you in this situation.

Step 4

Dissolve a few drops of ammonia in a glass of water and drink. This remedy will not only relieve you of the smell of alcohol, but will also perfectly sober up. Apply gently and no more than four to five drops, otherwise you may get a chemical burn to the esophagus and stomach.

Step 5

Drink one ampoule of vitamin B 12. Perfectly repels the smell of alcohol. Remember that after using such a product, you cannot drink or smoke for one hour.

Step 6

Drink strong coffee, better brewed in a Turk than instant coffee. You can chew several coffee beans. Perfectly masks unpleasant odors.

Step 7

Try special remedies that are aimed at relieving hangover syndromes and the unpleasant sensations associated with it, such as Antipolitsay or Antipohmelin. They contain vitamins and citric acid. It will help mask the smell of alcohol for a while.

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