What Does A Dead Dove On A Window Mean

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What Does A Dead Dove On A Window Mean
What Does A Dead Dove On A Window Mean

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It's always sad to see a dead bird, especially if it's a dove. After all, this peaceful bird always lives closer to people. However, before succumbing to panic about what you saw and focusing on the worst omens about the imminent death of someone from your family, you should find out if this fact is connected with the mass death of pigeons in the area.

What does a dead dove on a window mean
What does a dead dove on a window mean

Despite the fact that pigeons are very freedom-loving birds, they are the only birds that live well in captivity. And wild representatives always live in close proximity to human dwellings. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the national piggy bank of wisdom there are so many signs associated with pigeons. Unfortunately, not all of them bode well. Although the same wisdom says "don't think about it, it won't stick."

Dove - a harbinger of good

Any bird that has flown into the house or approached it is regarded as a source of information. As for the dove, this bird of God is the source of the good news, and the white one is considered a bird of peace and goodness. A dove promises a lot of happiness to newlyweds. True, to see a white suit in the wild is a great success, which means that such a meeting will certainly be accompanied by joyful emotions.

The negative interpretation of the sign about a dead dove is due to the fact that the Holy Spirit, according to legend, descended to Earth in the guise of a dove. It is considered a great sin to kill a dove, to eat it. If the death of a bird caught it on the windowsill of a residential apartment, then it is better not to dump it, but to bury it. The sign was also born because it is not often possible to see dead pigeons lying on the street, although they, like all living things, tend to get sick. For example, paramicrovirus infection affects the entire central nervous system of a bird and progresses rapidly. The pigeon becomes inactive, apathetic, wing paresis, characteristic of this disease, can find the bird anywhere. The cause of the mass death of birds can only be the flu epidemic or deliberate poisoning, which takes place in large cities. In this case, it makes no sense to believe in a sign.

Why see a dead dove

Motorists especially believe in signs of dead pigeons on the road. They believe that meeting a dead pigeon on the road and even more so knocking it down is an imminent accident. A dead dove on the windowsill of his apartment is interpreted in different ways. Some believe that finding him outside the dwelling should be regarded as good luck. Trouble will pass by. According to another version, a dead bird - a pigeon portends an imminent illness of the next of kin, who are older in age than the eyewitness. It may just be bad news, bad luck on the personal and professional front.

There is another sign associated with the pigeon seen. If even a live bird has perched on the window, then one should expect the death of one of the relatives or friends. It may even be the closest neighbors. So that misfortune does not overtake the eyewitness himself, you need to feed the bird, as if to pay off. The same can be regarded as a harbinger of good luck in business, the expectation of good news. The interpretation is so contradictory that to believe or not in the sign of a dead pigeon on the windowsill, everyone is free to decide for himself.

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