Where To Go With A Complaint About A Neighbor

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Where To Go With A Complaint About A Neighbor
Where To Go With A Complaint About A Neighbor

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Relationships with neighbors are not always easy. It happens that there is constant noise behind the wall, the neighbor from above floods - there can be many reasons to complain. The choice of where to file a complaint depends on what exactly your neighbor's actions are causing your dissatisfaction.

Where to go with a complaint about a neighbor
Where to go with a complaint about a neighbor


Step 1

Many tenants of apartment buildings are faced with the fact that they are flooded by neighbors from above. Usually it is possible to agree amicably - the culprit voluntarily pays for the repairs and at the same time repairs the water supply and sewerage systems in his apartment. If the neighbor does not want to solve the problem, contact the management company that serves your home first. It is best to go there on the same day you are flooded. Call the technician who is to draw up the report. This document is the basis for legal proceedings.

Step 2

Your next step is to go to the magistrate, who must recover the damage caused to you from the neighbor. Quite often, an application to the court is enough, the case is not even examined. If the parties do not agree, the judge makes a decision based on the evidence you have provided.

Step 3

Some homeowners feel they have the right to do whatever they want in their apartment. This is not entirely true. In any case, the owner should not violate the rights of neighbors. Rights can be violated if the owner made an illegal redevelopment, damaging, for example, a load-bearing wall or common building systems. In this case, you can safely complain to the State Housing Inspectorate. The neighbor will be obliged to return the housing to its original state. The Housing Inspectorate can initiate the judicial procedure itself.

Step 4

If there is constant noise in the neighboring apartment, including at night, complain to the local police inspector. It is he who deals with such conflicts. You can find him at the nearest police station. True, the district inspector receives citizens of his area on certain days. At other times, you can simply call the police. Breaking the silence at night is an administrative offense, so a neighbor will first have to attend a meeting of the administrative commission and then pay a fine. For this, the called police officer must draw up a protocol.

Step 5

You can complain to the traffic police department about a neighbor who constantly puts the car on the lawn. Improper parking is a violation of the improvement rules that exist in every city. This offense is punishable by an administrative fine. It may also happen that for such a trifle you will not be able to call the traffic safety service. Find out which structure in your municipality deals with the improvement rules. This information should be on the official website. There you will also find information about who, besides the police, has the right to draw up a protocol in this case. Each municipality has such employees. Call this employee. In addition, you can invite two more neighbors who also do not like parking on the lawn, and together write a complaint to the local government. It is better to photograph the car so that the license plates are visible.

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