How To Change Gender To Male

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How To Change Gender To Male
How To Change Gender To Male
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Sex reassignment surgery from female to male is considered more time consuming than male to female. It includes the removal of the breast and the correction of the shape of the nipples, removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries. Removal or surgical closure of the vagina and creation of a penis.

Gender reassignment surgery for male is one of the most difficult
Gender reassignment surgery for male is one of the most difficult

Genital reconstruction surgery is considered one of the most difficult. They take a long time, and the complete gender reassignment procedure, which is carried out in stages, takes more than two years.

When changing sex to male, in addition to changing the genitals, if desired, they change the shape of the calf muscles, correct the chin, and do liposuction of fatty deposits.


The first step in gender reassignment is confirmation of transsexuality. That is, the discrepancy between social and biological sex declared by the patient must be confirmed. It can only be confirmed by qualified specialists. After the surgical stage, long-term hormonal therapy follows, before the beginning of which (before the surgery) a complete examination is carried out.

Contraindications to gender reassignment are:

- mental illness;

- alcoholism;

- homosexuality;

- age up to 18 and after 60.

Breast removal surgery

It is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure is performed (in the case of small breasts) through a periareolar incision. Patients with medium breasts make a peripheral incision. If the breast is large, the tissue is cut vertically. The postoperative period is 14 days. Rehabilitation - about six months.


This operation removes the ovaries and fallopian tubes. The least traumatic option is laparoscopy. But lane operation may also be required. General anesthesia. The postoperative period is 6 days.

Genital reconstruction

Patients who, with the help of hormones, managed to enlarge the clitoris to 6 cm, undergo metoidioplasty. A new urethra is created from the vaginal mucosa. The resulting length of the penis with this procedure is 5 cm. Postoperative complications in this operation are minimal, and the erogenous zones retain maximum sensitivity. But the penis is not penetrating.

Therefore, most people prefer phalloplasty - a long and complex operation that requires tissue grafting, but in which a full-fledged penis of adequate size is created. Thanks to being placed inside an erectile prosthesis, it has the ability to perform penetrating intercourse. The operation is carried out in three stages. All stages take about a year.

In the postoperative period, physical and psychoemotional loads are limited, sex life is prohibited and regular visits to a doctor are recommended to monitor the condition.

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