How To Remove The Chainring

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How To Remove The Chainring
How To Remove The Chainring

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When repairing or maintaining a bicycle, it is important to properly dismantle its assemblies and parts. This applies primarily to the front sprocket and carriage mechanism. Correct disassembly and assembly of this unit will largely depend on the durability of the bike and its smooth operation.

How to remove the chainring
How to remove the chainring

It is necessary

  • - puller;
  • - wrench;
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - clean rags.


Step 1

Place the bike upright (you can lean it against the wall). Prepare a wrench and a special sprocket puller. You will also need a clean rag. It is convenient to place the dismantled parts on a sheet of old newspaper to prevent contamination.

Step 2

Begin by disconnecting the connecting rods. Unscrew the blade nut 3-4 turns. Place the cranks in a horizontal position. Support the large connecting rod head from below. Loosen the blade by applying a few light blows to the blade nut through the pre-prepared wood spacer.

Step 3

Unscrew the nut, take out the blade and remove the right connecting rod. Carry out the same operation with the left connecting rod. The chainring is usually attached to the right crank arm as a unit. On some bike models, the chainring can be attached with multiple bolts. In this case, sequentially unscrew the fasteners and free the sprocket from the carriage mechanism.

Step 4

Some designs of sports and road bicycles require a special puller to be used when dismantling the sprocket. After unscrewing the fastening bolt, insert the puller and, using an adjustable wrench, release the sprocket fastening mechanism.

Step 5

For preventive maintenance, complete disassembly of the entire assembly. After removing the connecting rods, unscrew the locknut, then the left and right cups. Keep in mind that the right cup has a reverse thread, so you need to rotate it to the right. Remove the shaft and cages from the carriage.

Step 6

After disassembling the entire unit, carefully inspect its elements. Clean them of old grease and make sure the parts are free from visible defects. If damaged, replace the parts with good ones. Apply new grease to the carriage parts. The assembly of the assembly is carried out in the reverse order. When assembling, be careful not to allow sand and dirt to enter the chainring attachment mechanism.

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