Unique Plants In Australia

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Unique Plants In Australia
Unique Plants In Australia

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The whole continent of fairy tales and wonders is Australia. The last continent to appear on the globe. Everything here is like in old Europe, only exactly the opposite. Snow in July, summer in January, even a young month sticks its horns up, and the water funnel in the Australian shell rotates counterclockwise, and not along its course, as in the northern hemisphere.

Risantella Gardner
Risantella Gardner

Nature of Australia

It would be quite surprising if unique animals and unique plants did not grow on such a unique continent. Even from school, it is known about the mysterious flora and fauna that live exclusively in these places. Millions of tourists annually travel thousands of kilometers in order to relax in Australia and see with their own eyes funny kangaroos, incomprehensible platypuses, eucalyptus-smelling koalas, funny eared dogs Dingo and the terrifying marsupial Tasmanian devil. The local flora is no less interesting, among the representatives of which there are many rare unique species.

Araucaria Bidville

Locals call this the only representative of the most ancient family of araucariaceae "bunia-bunia". Powerful trees with a pyramidal crown can grow up to 50m with a trunk diameter of 1.25m. Pointed leaves of bunia are arranged spirally, and large cones weigh up to 3 kg and are the largest among their relatives. Araucaria grows in the forests of the Pacific coast of eastern Australia. Due to the very valuable wood that is used for the manufacture of luxury furniture, the population of this tree species is decreasing every year.

Bibles giant

This short, slightly more than half a meter, bush is still rumored to be a cannibal. The narrow leaves of the biblis are completely covered with glands and sticky hairs, which are designed to digest the victim. The leaves and twigs of the plant serve as a sticky barrier for insects, and sometimes for frogs and snails. The region of growth of the giant biblis is Western Australia, the vicinity of the city of Perth, as well as on the sandy plain between the rivers Enneaba and Moore River.

Risantella Gardner

A unique saprophytic orchid that leads an underground existence. To date, only a few places of growth of this plant are known in the southwest of Australia. Risantella Gardner is a succulent plant with a thick, short, colorless rhizome that, if damaged, smells like formalin. The orchid begins to bloom in May-June, when reddish-purple inflorescences appear on the surface of the earth, surrounded by 6-12 large bracts. Each inflorescence contains up to 90 tubular flowers that are pollinated by insects.

Eucalyptus pink-flowered

Shrub plant of the myrtle family. It can grow up to 2.5-3 m in height, and grows in small areas in the western part of Australia. Rose-flowered eucalyptus grows on sandy soil, forming small colonies. Due to its very beautiful flowers and drought resistance, it is widely cultivated in Australia.

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