What Is The Fastest International Mail

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What Is The Fastest International Mail
What Is The Fastest International Mail

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The modern rhythm of life and the rules of doing business require that goods, documents and letters can be sent anywhere in the world and that they are delivered by a certain date and time. For this, many international express delivery services have been created.

What is the fastest international mail
What is the fastest international mail

Fastest international mail

DHL is one of the leaders in the international express delivery of both cargo and mail. This German company has branches in many countries of the world, including Russia, and is considered the fastest delivery service. Postal services between more than 200 countries are handled by DHL Global Mail. The service is engaged in the delivery of packages, business mail, and carries out direct marketing. Business mail means letters and invoices, advertising brochures and catalogs, printed materials - books and magazines, etc. If you choose the appropriate tariff and meet all the necessary conditions, the delivery of international mail via DHL service will take a day or less.

Of course, the distance of the destination country and other factors also affect the delivery time. On the website, you can familiarize yourself with the current situation in the country of destination and find out if there are social or natural disasters there that can provoke a delay in mail. Also on the site you can track the path of the sent correspondence and know where it is at each moment of time.

Other prompt delivery services

Another operational service for the international delivery of documents and goods is FedEx. Delivery time for international transport is 2-3 business days. Tracking is possible using FedEx® Tracking or FedEx Desktop App, email or reference code.

International shipments are also handled by UPS. Both express mail delivery and economical solutions are possible. Express delivery is carried out within one to three days, depending on the country of origin and destination of the cargo / documents. You can track the route of departure by reference number, by e-mail or by using SMS messages.

TNT delivers mail anywhere in the world. Express delivery services are offered in 200 countries. The company operates extensive road and air networks throughout the world. By specifying in a special form on the website the country of departure and destination, the type and weight of the shipment, you can calculate the date and time of delivery, as well as the cost. By entering your waybill number on the website, you can find out at what stage of the journey the shipment is.

PONY EXPRESS is one of the largest operators in the express delivery market with a developed production infrastructure in Russia and the CIS countries. The company has existed for over 20 years and serves over 9,000 destinations. An online calculator allows you to calculate the rate and delivery time. Express mail delivery is carried out by a certain time in Russia and the CIS countries.

Thus, the postal service DHL Global Mail is considered the fastest, since it is able to deliver international mail in less than a day. It should be noted that the services of DHL and other similar services cost significantly more than the services of regular mail.

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