What Is A Typical Slavic Appearance

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What Is A Typical Slavic Appearance
What Is A Typical Slavic Appearance

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What is meant by the definition of "typical Slavic appearance"? If you think about it, then there is little specifics in such a description, but this issue should be dealt with in detail.

Typical Slavic appearance
Typical Slavic appearance

Sometimes, when describing a person's appearance, one hears the definition of "typical Slavic appearance". However, in our time, not everyone knows exactly what this image is, and in most cases it is associated with the appearance of an average northern European. The imagination draws a fair-haired person with pale skin and gray eyes.

How true are stereotypes

This opinion is partly true, because the ancient Slavs, like most Europeans, had light skin and eyes of cold shades. This is primarily due to the place of birth and residence. With low solar activity, long winter nights, and often cloudy weather, bright eyes help the brain receive more light. Under such conditions, the skin does not need serious protection and even if it tans well, it does not belong to the swarthy type. This means that the Slavic type of appearance implies the presence of light skin and light shades of the eyes: gray, blue, blue, light brown and green.

These signs unite many peoples living in the northern latitudes, and distinguish them from the inhabitants of the southern territories, which are characterized by such features as dark or black skin and black or dark brown eyes. This appearance helps them to easily endure being in the hot and very bright sun without harm to their health.

As for hair color, there are no clear standards here either, but there is a certain range - these are all shades of light brown. There are no very light platinum blondes among the representatives of the Slavs, this is inherent in the Scandinavians, but wheat, ash and honey blond colors are quite common. Not less often you can see darker shades of light brown hair - up to a brown-haired one.

There were no natural brunettes with coal-black hair among the Slavs. Modern brunettes carry the gene of southern and eastern peoples, which could mix with their DNA during certain historical events and the resulting relationships and marriage of ancestors. The same applies to the owners of black eyes, which are also not typical for the northern latitudes, where the Slavs lived.

There are other features too

Experts note that for the Slavic type of appearance, the characters also have features of the shape of the face and figure. If we discard the nuances associated with body weight, which can significantly change facial features, then the Slavs are characterized by an oval or round face, a straight or slightly upturned nose and large or medium-sized eyes.

In order to describe the features of a Slavic-type figure, it is worth recalling Russian folk tales, in which the word "stately" is used when describing heroes. In the explanatory dictionary, this definition means "slender, proportionally folded." Of course, among the Slavic people there were always both fat men and short people, however, those who were tall, slender and straight regal posture were considered beautiful and attractive.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that a typical Slavic appearance is not one image, but a set of signs that indicate a person's belonging to a specific ethnic group.

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