How Do You Know Which Moon Is Waxing Or Waning?

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How Do You Know Which Moon Is Waxing Or Waning?
How Do You Know Which Moon Is Waxing Or Waning?
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It is known that the ebb and flow of the earth depends on the lunar phase. Man is 80% water, so the effect of the moon on him is obvious. The moon influences various events in people's lives. Knowing whether the moon is growing or decreasing, a person has the opportunity to plan his life as efficiently as possible.

How do you know which moon is waxing or waning?
How do you know which moon is waxing or waning?

How to visually identify a waxing and waning moon?

The lunar cycle has four phases. In the first two phases the moon grows, in the third and fourth it decreases.

The first phase is the new moon. During this period, the moon is not visible in the sky. In the second phase, the moon appears in the form of a crescent. Gradually, it becomes perfectly round - which means that the second phase is over. In the third phase, the moon gradually loses its round shape. In the fourth phase, the moon looks like a crescent, as at the beginning of the second, only it is bent in the other direction.

To determine if the moon is waning or waning, pay attention to which side the sickle is curved. If the shape of the sickle looks like the letter "C", then it is a waning or aging moon. If the sickle has the shape of the same letter, turned in the opposite direction, and mentally drawing a stick to it, you can get the letter "P", then you have a growing moon.

How else to know if the moon is growing or decreasing?

Information about the phases of the moon can be found in the regular tear-off calendar. More detailed information on lunar days contains special astrological guides or guides of gardeners and gardeners, which are published annually.

The moon affects the human psyche, his mood, emotions. By listening to yourself and observing the phenomena of nature, over time, you can learn to determine the waxing and waning moon.

The growing moon generally has a beneficial effect on humans. The body feels a surge of energy. The person becomes more emotional, more active, stronger. During this period, he is capable of much. There is no fatigue, the presence of the energy necessary for the implementation of new ideas is felt.

If a person often feels agitated, agitated, mood swings are noticeable, this means that the full moon has come. This phase especially affects women. They may experience insomnia, nervous disorders. On a full moon, there are frequent quarrels.

In the phase of the waning moon, a person feels a decline in energy. Activity and enthusiasm decrease, more and more people want to rest. It seems to a person that everything is falling out of hand. When the moon is waning, there may be a desire to retire, to be alone.

If you notice that plants absorb water better and more than usual, leaves, flowers, fruits develop well, then most likely this is the period of the growing moon.

Watch animals, birds. If they become more mobile than usual, it means that the full moon has come and soon the moon will begin to wane.

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