How To Spend Points In "Svyaznoy"

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How To Spend Points In "Svyaznoy"
How To Spend Points In "Svyaznoy"
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Bonus program "Svyaznoy-Club" allows you to accumulate points when making purchases and services in partner organizations of the program. You can use the accumulated bonuses in two ways - convert them into points from other programs or get a discount on goods or services in stores.

How to spend points in "Svyaznoy"
How to spend points in "Svyaznoy"


Step 1

Exchange of points "Svyaznoy-Club". You can exchange the accumulated bonuses for points from other programs. First, you can convert them into Transaero Privilege points, this program allows you to pay for air travel. The conversion rate is 350 Svyaznoy-Club points for 1 Transaero Privilege point.

Step 2

Secondly, you can exchange them for MTS Bonus points, based on the rate of 30 Svyaznoy-Club points for 1 telecom operator. With the points received, you can pay for communication services and the Internet, make purchases in communication salons.

Step 3

Thirdly, you can exchange points "Svyaznoy-Club" for "Oki" in the social network "Odnoklassniki" at the rate of 150 to 1.

Step 4

You can use points to get discounts in shops, pharmacies and cafes. To do this, before paying the bill or purchases, you must show the Svyaznoy-Club card to the seller or the waiter and ask to write off the existing points.

Step 5

Magnolia chain of stores. When paying for goods, you can use the Svyaznoy-Club card. Each 100 accumulated points corresponds to one ruble in the amount of the check, that is, to purchase goods worth 100 rubles, you must have 10,000 points on the card.

Step 6

AGA Avtomag stores. You can purchase goods for the car, auto cosmetics, spare parts and pay for part of the purchase with points "Svyaznoy-Club". Please note that discount cards and cards of other programs do not work in this case.

Step 7

Rigla pharmacy network. You can pay no more than half of the check amount with Svyaznoy-Club points.

Step 8

Communication salons network "Svyaznoy". When purchasing goods, you can use the accumulated points. The program does not apply to repayment of loans, payment for services, purchase of gift cards.

Step 9

Cafe "Wabi-Sabi". Points are credited and debited not in all cafes, the addresses can be found on the official website of the program.

Step 10

The Shokoladnitsa coffee shop chain. Here you can get a discount of up to 99% of the check amount, if the accumulated points are enough, the conversion rate is 100 points for 1 ruble. Keep in mind that the program does not work in some coffee houses, the list is presented on the official website of the program.

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