What Is A Multimeter

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What Is A Multimeter
What Is A Multimeter

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In the modern sense, a multimeter can be called a multifunctional apparatus for carrying out electronic measuring work. Each instrument has a standard set of measurements to be performed. It includes the measurement of current strength, voltage and resistance. The number of other features depends on the specific model.



It is customary to call a multimeter an electronic measuring device in which several functions are combined at the same time. Also, this device has a wide range of measurements. A multimeter is often called an avometer, since the device contains an ammeter, an ohmmeter, and a voltmeter.

The craftsmen gave the device another name - a tester. A modern device can have many functions, and such an assembly is extremely rare to a minimum.

Types of multimeters

There are two types of electronic measuring instrument - analog and digital. If the information is displayed on a digital display, then it is a digital multimeter. If the usual scale with an arrow takes place, then it is analog. The most relevant at the present time are devices in digital design. However, analog versions are not losing their popularity, despite the rapid development of technology.

The main characteristics of the multimeter

The main characteristics of the device include bit depth and accuracy. In the simplest apparatus, the digit capacity is 2, 5, and the measurement error is on the verge of 10%. The device of the middle class is equipped with a capacity of 3, 5, with an error of 1%. Multimeters of the highest category have an error in measurements of 0, 1%, and the digit capacity is 4, 5.

If a device is required for professional use, then the bit depth should be 5 or higher. The accuracy of such a device is high. It depends on the boundaries and type of measurements, but the error in such a multimeter will not exceed 0.01%.

Modern multimeters

Modern devices are distinguished by their versatility. It will not be difficult to find the necessary device, because there are an unlimited number of varieties of multimeters. Each device has a standard set of measurements - current, resistance and voltage.

With this device, you can measure capacitance, frequency, temperature, inductance and much more. The multimeter can be used to test semiconductor devices, as well as to generate test signals. The modern device is also used as an oscilloscope, on the display of which the waveform is reflected.

Among other things, a modern multimeter can be connected to a computer and the measurement values ​​can be transferred to the screen. The appearance of the multimeter may vary. It all depends on the specific model.

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